FILM REVIEW: Unleashed Starring Kate Micucci, Justin Chatwin & Steve Howey

Unleashed is the new comedy everybody will be talking about in the coming weeks. It is expected to be released theatrically and digitally in the US on 25 August 2017. It has been written and directed by Finn Taylor, whilst it has been produced by Susan Johnson.

We were lucky enough to gain an exclusive screening of the film and we are in love with this romantic comedy in every way. It is loving, cute, hilarious, and engaging; a total must-watch for rom-com fans.

The film opens with Emma (played by Kate Micucci) and her boyfriend, Luke (played by Josh Brener) in their house together. Emma has just completed a brand new app, called Nightsky, which allows users to identify stars. Unfortunately, before she sends it out to the world, she’s betrayed by Luke, who steals the app for himself.

At a loss, she moves to San Francisco with her two pets in tow; a cat and a dog, named Ajax and Summit respectively. As the trailer shows, she gets hit by a yo-yo at a park. The owner of the yo-yo, Carl (played by Sean Astin), talks with her and discovers she needs a place to stay, and he knows just the place.

Settling in San Francisco is not easy after such a betrayal. Not only that but in an astronomical event, according to work colleague Nina (played by Hana Mae Lee), a supermoon will grant Emma’s wish. Taking no notice to this pre-warning, she wishes her pets into fully grown men.


Both Ajax and Summit escape the securities of their home and transform into humans out on the street. Later, they take on the names Diego (played by Justin Chatwin) and Sam (played by Steve Howey). They have hardly any idea of how to be humans and they struggle to adapt.

It becomes an even bigger struggle when they realise that Emma isn’t going to let them both back into the home, and on that very comfortable couch. This starts up a dating war, with Diego and Sam adjusting to human life whilst fighting for a chance to be in Emma’s life.

The film continues on, showing to every viewer that confidence gets you where you need to be. Justin Chatwin shines throughout as the clever conniving cat in human form; easily taking on the instinctual actions of a cat, whilst keeping it comical and convincing.

As for Steve Howey, he also manages to bring the humour as he takes the role of Sam / Summit; he manages to pull off the character effortlessly, whilst playing dumb within certain scenes. All the other characters work perfectly, with Kate Micucci acting brilliantly as the lead character.

This film is a total must-watch. It is an inspiring and loving tale that captures the audience in every single way. Laugh-out-funny scenes that will stick with you days after viewing. It’s one concept you’ll never forget and a film you wouldn’t mind seeing again and again.

Unleashed is a multiple-award-winning film; having won the Mill Valley Film Festival U.S. Cinema Indie Audience Award; received an honourable mention at Napa Valley Film Festival; won the second place Audience Award for Favourite Narrative at Sonoma International Film Festival; won the Southside Film Festival Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature; it also won Best Feature Film at SBE’s Hamilton International Film Festival; and won the Audience Award for Best Feature Narrative at Long Beach International Film Festival.

Check Out The Trailer To Unleashed Here:

Unleashed is released theatrically and on demand on 25 August 2017. Make sure you see it and tell us all your thoughts on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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