Film Throwback: Midgets vs Mascots

Midget’s vs Mascots is a 2009 mockumentary that showcases 10 contestants, 5 from each group, competing in various stunts, from the extreme to the just plain silly. The aim is to get 1 million dollars.

Going into this film, I was expecting a Jackass style, prank filled, comedy. And if you do, chances are that you will be disappointed, because this spends much more time hammering a message across that ‘midgets’ need to be accepted more and called a much more acceptable name.

There are some outrageous ‘did-they-really-do-that-for-real?’ stunts for those looking for them, but they’re simply not enough for the whole 80-minute running time.

However, the two scenes that I liked were the ‘playing cards in the bull ring’ and the ‘alligator wrestling’. I was just hoping for more, but they just focused on getting a message across to the audience and not having enough of these kind of stunts.

It is foul and filthy, but it’s simply not as funny as I would have hoped it was going to be. If you are a fan of Jackass and Dirty Sanchez, then you will have high hopes about this film, but I’m afraid that it just doesn’t deliver the expected trills of watching hilarious pranks and stunts.

Written by CelebMix