Alexandra Stan performing for an instagram live in black lingerie

5 Of Our Favourite Alexandra Stan Performances

This week marks CelebMix’s five year anniversary so what better way to celebrate than to write about some of our favourite celebrities, this article is dedicated to Alexandra Stan and her live performances.

Alexandra Stan has been in the music industry for 11 years now and we simply love her live vocals. Her performances are always brilliant to watch and it’s always great to hear her songs live. She has even performed and released some incredible covers over the years.

There are so many performance videos we could choose that it’s going to be extremely difficult to just choose five, but we’ll do our best. Here are our five favourite Alexandra Stan performances.

“Ecoute” With Havana At Kiss FM Romania

This is such a good performance because Alexandra Stan literally relaxes and has fun singing the track. It’s obvious that she loves this song and it’s especially nice seeing the violinist play the instrumental part of the song, that gorgeous sound is what makes Alexandra Stan dance, and her movements loosen up Havana and they just have a brilliant time singing this song together, and that sends some great vibes to the audience watching.

“We Wanna” With INNA For Rock The Roof Summer Session

Two of our favourite Romanian female singers singing their collaboration together for a “Rock The Roof” summer special, now that is what we’re talking about. We love INNA’s “Rock The Roof” specials but this one also includes Alexandra Stan and it’s clear that they both love this song. INNA exudes performance, by dancing and moving a lot, whilst Alexandra Stan focuses on her vocals so that she can absolutely nail the performance. This is just a brilliant live session, we just wish the camera didn’t move so much as we feel there’s a lot of interactions that we probably missed, but we do love how they high-fived at the end.

“Dancing With A Stranger” Cover Originally By Sam Smith & Normani At Kiss FM Romania

She may have had the lyrics on her phone to make sure she got every word right, but gosh does Alexandra Stan know how to connect with a song. This cover version had so many emotions attached to it, we could feel every word in our bones. Her voice gave us chills the first time we saw this, and she clearly enjoyed performing the track. Now we’ve got this version of the song stuck in our heads.

“Mr Saxobeat” X Sessions

We assure you that you’ve never heard “Mr Saxobeat” sung quite like this. It’s rare for an artist to transform their own song because the original version is always iconic, but Alexandra Stan has blown the original out of the water with this sexy and emotional performance of her international hit song “Mr Saxobeat”. She’s stripped it right down and then remade the track, using a whole different beat and emphasising the more emotional lyrics over the dance lyrics. It works completely, and she exudes sexiness in her bathing costume with the robe, and that saxophone instrumental is also giving us life. You need to listen to this performance, and then check out her other X Sessions which are just as good.

“Be The One” Cover Originally By Dua Lipa At Radio ZU

We were planning on writing about “Like A Virgin” (a cover of Madonna’s song) which is a song Alexandra Stan officially released and we thought she had sung the track live since we can’t find videos of her doing so, we went with this cover of Dua Lipa’s song “Be The One” instead. Once again, Alexandra Stan proves how incredible her vocals truly are because she makes this song sound as if it was made for her. Every single word hits us right in the heart, and it’s clear she’s put her all into it. We also have to give a shout-out to the banana shaker.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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