Alexandra Stan Performs “I Think I Love It” At KissFM Romania And Covers “Dancing With A Stranger” Originally By Sam Smith & Normani

Fans of Alexandra Stan, aptly named Saxobeats, have been very excited lately, as she recently released the awesomely addicting track “I Think I Love It“. The track is expected the be her first single from her next album, which will be her official fifth studio album. Recently, she visited KissFM Romania where she conducted an interview and performed her new single live as well as covering Sam Smith & Normani’s global hit “Dancing With A Stranger”.

In a world where lip-syncing is commonplace, Romanian artists still continue to prove their vocal ability by performing at radio shows. Alexandra Stan does that exact thing here, impressing to no end, and giving off a relaxed vibe when she sang “I Think I Love It“. As for the cover version, we believe she didn’t rehearse all that much for the performance as she was guided by the lyrics of the song, which you can see her glancing at, on her phone.

She is seen wearing a white dress paired with black boots and she has a three-piece backing band with her, really allowing her to showcase her artistry. Her vocals are on-point throughout sounding just like the studio track of “I Think I Love It“. As for the cover version, she completely nails it, connecting with the song emotionally, and meaning every word, all the while acting relaxed and comfortable.

Watch Alexandra Stan Perform “I Think I Love It” And A Cover Of Sam Smith & Normani’s Song “Dancing With A Stranger” At KissFM Romania Here:

The Romanian star has been promoting her new single “I Think I Love It” recently, which is available to download and stream right now, via Universal Music Romania. She also recently dropped the official music video, which brought some controversy in her home country to which she replied to in an Instagram post.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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