Antonia in a hotel elevator during a takeover performance at InterContinental, wearing just a mustard-yellow suit jacket.

5 Of Our Favourite Antonia Performances

This week marks CelebMix’s five year anniversary so what better way to celebrate than to write about some of our favourite celebrities, this article is dedicated to Antonia and her live performances.

For the past 11 years, Antonia has been giving us amazing songs and her vocals are always on-point. Her live performances always manage to give us chills throughout. She’s even performed some brilliant covers over the years.

There are so many performance videos we could choose that it’s going to be extremely difficult to just choose five, but we’ll do our best. Here are our five favourite Antonia performances.

“Gresesc” Live With INNA For #WeGlobal Live Session

There were a few “#WeGlobal Live Sessions” released, but we had to choose this one mainly because it’s the closest we’ve had to Antonia and INNA full-on collaborating (minus the single they did with Dara and Carla’s Dreams titled “Fie ce-o fi” as well as the two singles as part of G Girls, “Call The Police” and “Milk & Honey“). We loved the original version of this single, Antonia’s vocals sound so beautiful, but she brings it even more during the live session and INNA compliments Antonia’s voice brilliantly throughout. You can also see their friendship, right there on stage, this is why we want a proper collaboration and an accompanying music video.

“Matame” Nestlé Romania Takeover

Who doesn’t love takeovers? These videos are always awesome, and we have to say that Antonia nailed both her takeovers, so much so that our favourite one also makes this list further below, but we can’t deny how much we love this Nestlé Romania Takeover. Antonia walks in and does her thing, giving it everything whilst singing “Matame“, the song that has become a hit in Romania. Antonia looks unsure of herself throughout this visual, but she still manages to have fun with it. If you haven’t seen this yet, you are missing out!

“I Want It That Way” Cover With Alex Velea Originally By The Backstreet Boys On Radio ZU

We just had to include this one on our list. Antonia and Alex Velea are literally Romania’s power couple and when they brought nostalgia to the Radio ZU listeners, we were all blown away. Their followers know how much they love each other, and this performance only highlighted that. They’ve turned a well-known boyband pop track into a heartfelt love song, acoustically, and it was so clever. Both artists managed to flood the song with their emotions with Antonia giving us devotion with every word, whilst Alex Velea surprised us all with his brilliant vocals – as, since he’s a hip-hop star, we rarely hear his singing voice in this style and it blew us away. Such an amazing cover, one we’ll never forget.

“Sahara” With Alex Velea & Lino Golden At Radio ZU

Yes, we know we’ve now included two performances that saw both Antonia and Alex Velea sing together at Radio ZU, but we love the chemistry between them and how relaxed they are at Radio ZU – most of the artists that perform there look comfortable so we reckon the radio station is very welcoming. This was a performance of Alex Velea’s song “Sahara” which Antonia and Lino Golden feature on. All three artists were at the radio station to perform the song and there’s just such a positive vibe going on. Antonia lets loose by dancing to the track, and at times Antonia and Alex Velea knock out some choreography that is perfectly in time, and later Antonia and Lino Golden do the exact same but with different dance moves and it just works brilliantly. It’s clear that they all were just in the moment and having fun performing with the song, and that’s what truly makes this one of the best radio performances we have seen.

“Hotel Lounge” InterContinental Hotel Bucharest Takeover

Definitely one of her best performances to date, and a takeover like no other, Antonia strolled right into the InterContinental Hotel in Bucharest and started singing her song “Hotel Lounge” in the hotel lounge/lobby. Such a brilliant concept and we love how the guests at the hotel had no idea what was going on. Her voice is brilliant throughout this live takeover, and her style is on-point. How can you not enjoy this?

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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