Antonia Releases Music Video For “Matame” Featuring Erik Frank

This week saw Antonia release her music video for her recently released single “Matame” which features Erik Frank. The song is drawing comparisons with Camila Cabello’s “Havana” which featured Young Thug; however, this music video is totally different and is set in a hotel.

Antonia, full name Antonia Iacobescu, is a Romanian singer who hit internationally on Tom Boxer’s single “Morena”, she later followed that up with a number one single in her home country, titled “Marabou”. She’s been building up her career in her country by releasing amazing singles and collaborating with the likes of INNA, Alexandra Stan, Pitbull, Connect-R, and Achi. She also collaborated with Alex Velea, her partner, on her own single where he was an uncredited vocalist “Iubirea mea” and on his single “Sahara“. She was also a judge on the Romanian version of The Four and was a contestant on Uite cine danseaza (the Romanian version of Dancing With The Stars / Strictly Come Dancing – in English, the show’s title translates to “Look Who’s Dancing”) shown on Pro TV. Her partner was Paolo Campigotto, and they came sixth overall. She later incorporated what she had learned into her music video for “Tango“. She later re-released her loving duet with Jay Sean, originally titled “Wild Horses”, this year in collaboration with Lotus, re-titling it to “Wild Wild Horses” with a featured vocal from Pitbull.

As for Erik Frank, whose real name is Frank-Erik Tchatchoua, is best known for being the featured artist on INNA’s single “Ruleta” which has gone on to have great success, hitting over 100 million YouTube views and becoming one of INNA’s most-watched music videos. He’s certainly a rising artist and it’ll be interesting to watch where his career takes him.

The song has been written by Marius Dia, Alex Parker, Olivia Addams, and Erik Frank, whilst production was handled by Marius Dia and Alex Parker. As for this new music video, NGM Creative are listed as the creators of the visual, with Loops Production handling the production side of things. It was filmed at Suter Palace.

In the video, we watch Antonia having fun in the hotel by dancing along to the song she’s singing, whilst looking sexy, fashionable, and on point throughout. This visual really shows off her personality including her comical side as well as her previous modelling background. We also see her going through a wardrobe of clothes attempting, unsuccessfully, to find an outfit she likes. Erik Frank jumps in with his verse sitting atop a fireplace, rapping, intercut with scenes of a woman dancing in the bathroom.

Watch Antonia’s Music Video For “Matame” Featuring Erik Frank Here:

Matame” is available to download and stream right now, through Global Records.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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