Five reasons why you should watch Netflix’s “Dumplin'”

Earlier this month, Netflix released a brand new coming-of-age movie called Dumplin’. Based on the bestselling young adult novel by Julie Murphy, Dumplin’ tells the story of Willowdean Dickson, the plus-size teen daughter of a former beauty queen who decides to enter her mum’s pageant as a protest.

What ensues is a heartwarming tale of acceptance, friendship, body positivity, and learning to be a diamond in a rhinestone world. It’s a movie which will make you smile, laugh, cry, feel empowered, and feel as if you can take on the world.

If you’ve yet to lose yourself in the world of Dumplin’, here’s five reasons why you should be streaming the Netflix movie right now.


The glorious cast

Dumplin’ comes armed with a glorious cast which you’re definitely going to fall in love with. Patti Cake$ star Danielle Macdonald completely captivates as Willowdean, the Dolly Parton loving heroine of the movie, whilst the iconic Jennifer Aniston shines as her beauty queen mum (fun fact, she’s also one of the movie’s producers). The film also stars Odeya Rush, Maddie Baillio, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Luke Benward, Dove Cameron, Harold Perrineau, Ginger Minj, and Sam Pancake, all of whom add to the beauty of the movie.

Friendship goals

The movie is full of beautiful friendships which will have you screaming ‘squad goals’. Willowdean and her best friend Ellen are the definition of besties, and despite coming to blows at one point during the movie, an emotional speech from Willowdean during the pageant soon brings them back together again, proving that their friendship is stronger than ever. We also love the unlikely friendship between Willowdean, Ellen, Millie and Hannah, in addition to their bond with the drag queens.


Bo Larson is going to be your new Netflix crush

Move over Peter Kavinsky aka Noah Centineo, because Bo Larson (played by Luke Benward) is coming to steal your Netflix crush crown. Bo is just perfect in every way – he likes every inch of Willowdean from the off and falls in love with her beauty both inside and out. He’s also super cute which is a bonus. Honestly if you don’t fall in love with him after watching Dumplin’, then are you even human?

Dolly Parton provides the soundtrack

Whether you’re already a Dolly Parton fan or not, you’re going to be obsessed after watching Dumplin’ as Dolly’s music soundtracks the film. Whilst many of her classics such as ‘Jolene’ make an appearance, the icon also wrote six new tracks especially for the movie, with guest performances from the likes of Sia, Elle King and Miranda Lambert. One of the tracks, ‘Girl in the Movies’, has been nominated for Best Original Song at the Golden Globes 2019.

It perfectly embraces body positivity

Whilst Netflix has come under fire several times this year for their problematic representation of plus-size women, they’ve definitely redeemed themselves with Dumplin’. Willowdean as the leading lady is portrayed in a positive, confident and strong manner, and not the butt of a joke which is normally the case when it comes to plus size representation in movies.

Dumplin’ embraces body positivity and loving yourself for who you are, flaws and all. It tells you that you don’t need to change yourself to be accepted – you are perfect just the way you are. One of our standout moments in the film is when Willowdean and Ellen steal the show during the pageant swimwear round when they walk out together in swimsuits emblazoned with ‘every body is a bikini body’ – our powerful new motto.

If you need any more convincing, check out the official trailer below.

Dumplin’ is available to stream on Netflix now.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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