The Flash ‘Monster’ (3×05): Recapped

This week on The Flash has been hectic, to say the least. We saw Caitlin ask her mother for help, a Monster roam Central City, Barry and Julian on the verge of a friendship, and Team Flash learning more about the mysterious H.R. Wells.

Caitlin resorts to turning to her mother, Dr. Carla Tannhauser (Susan Walters), for help. We learn just how distant Caitlin is with her mother, with it dating back to when Caitlin’s father died of sick health. As a result of this, Carla buried herself in her work to put herself at ease. Carla is little help to her soon-to-be metahuman daughter, and sends her away. Before Caitlin can return to Central City, Nigel (Dr. Tannhauser’s assistant), tries to imprison Caitlin to exploit her and run tests on her. She stops him and proves she’s no lab-rat with a vicious grip that turns his arm into an ice block. At the end of the episode, Caitlin gets a message from her mother. Carla warns her that continuing to use her powers will make it more difficult to reverse. Caitlin’s furious, who out of anger, freezes the table, and the computer.

Over at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco is uncertain about H.R. Wells from Earth-19. All the input H.R. is putting into the team is just regurgitated and said differently. When Cisco and Barry realise this, they decide to vibe his belongings. While rifling through his belongings, Cisco finds a voice recorder that suggests that H.R. is like his Earth-1 counterpart, evil. H.R. discovers them and reassures them by telling him he’s a novelist and his trip to this Earth is a great story. The penny drops for Cisco and out comes the truth. H.R isn’t an actual scientist. Instead, he’s the man with a plan, the man with all the ideas. Because of this revelation, he begs the team for another chance, so they agree to let him stay for a few weeks longer to redeem himself.

At CCPD, Julian snitches to Singh over Barry’s nine violations, which results in Barry getting a 15-second talking-to.To build a friendship with Julian and to investigate the monster’s path, Barry asks if he can shadow him. At first, Julian is apprehensive but agrees when Barry is willing to give up his part of the lab. While working together, the pair learn that the monster can only travel around a section of the city, and Julian predicts where it’s going to be next. Then Barry discovers that the creature is merely a hologram. In the light of this news, The Flash saves Julian from putting a bullet in the person running the show. It turns out it’s a troubled 15-year old teen, who is tired of being bullied at school. Back at the lab, Julian opens up to Barry, and decide to go for a drink together.

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