Forever in Your Mind Drops New Single “Let Go”

Forever in Your Mind is back with their brand new single and a new sound with their song “Let Go.”

The guys, Emery Kelly, Liam Attridge and Ricky Garcia have dropped their first single since parting ways from Hollywood Records and it’s definitely their best song yet.

The song is about love and heartbreak, “Keep telling me that I’m not good enough/ I’m falling in, you’re falling out of love/ The walls are closing in, we’re out of time/ But you keep pushing me to give up.” Emery sings in the beginning about a difficult relationship.

When they get to the chorus they’re ready to “Let Go” singing, almost yelling that they’re going to “let go.” “I’m drifting away/ So tell me, tell me/ Cause if I let go, I let go,” they go onto repeat that three times.

The song is their best yet, take a listen to the dance track below!

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Written by Will Heffernan