‘The Fosters’ Season 4, Episode 3 Review – ‘Trust’

After a very slow 2 week hiatus, ‘The Fosters’ came back to our screens July 11th and although there was no extreme dramatic moments, we were introduced to a new character and everybody returned to school after the traumatic events.

Callie has a nightmare, in which Stef and Lena decide to reverse her adoption due to them never getting over the fact she has now slept with her foster brother, Brandon. A woman comes in to take Callie away from her home and the woman who shows up turns out to be her deceased mother. It all seemed scarily real until her mother showed up and we let out a big sigh of relief!

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Callie, Jude, Mariana, Jesus and Brandon get ready for their first day back at school after Nick’s actions. Stef and Lena confront Callie about not reacting to anything anybody has to say to her regarding the Brallie situation being revealed all over ‘Fost and Found’.

The school now have strict rules for entering the building, all bags will be checked for weapons and fences have been put around the school in hope that this will make everybody feel safer. Dalia apologises to Jude over how she reacted during the lock down, only caring for Taylor’s feelings. People start whispering about Callie and Mariana assures her that she will be there for her.

“Don’t worry. I got your back.”

When Callie confronts Brandon at school about considering coming home as she can see how hurt their moms are over him moving out, Brandon blames Callie for the awkwardness between the family because she was the one who told their mom’s of their night together. Brandon’s comments and decisions angered Callie extremely, leading her to react to a student’s comment on Brallie and getting herself suspended.

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Mariana, Jesus and others speak about the lock-down and Nick showing up to Mariana’s home with a gun. Mariana explains how she talked Nick out of hurting himself and a girl decides to shame Mariana, telling her that she isn’t a hero and that it was her fault everything happened in the first place. Jesus defends his sister like a true brother. Later on in the school day, Mariana finds an R+J leaflet in her locker with the word ‘whore’ written beside her photo.

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Jesus and Emma decide to be ‘Friends with Benefits’ but worry that they may have an STD due to how many people they’ve slept with while sleeping with each other. They both get checked up and are given the all clear.

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Callie meets Aaron while in a coffee shop and introduces herself as Cameron. Aaron tells Callie he’s studying law and Callie tells him that she goes to NYU to study photography and is just in town to visit. Aaron also interns at the juvinal justice project where they help minors who can’t afford proper legal representation and says goodbye to Callie, however, she isn’t done with him yet. She gets on his motorbike with him and they drive off to a place full of rocks and water. Callie pretends to take selfies but in fact she’s taking photos of Aaron. Callie shows him the photos describing him as handsome and Aaron kisses her. (What about AJ Callie!?)

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With the gun situation going off in school, Lena has became very frightened of her surroundings and wants every sort of protection she can get around the school and around her home. She tells Monty that she wants the fences around the school to become permanent and she thinks adding another metal detector to the school will be a better option so everyone can get in and out of school quicker. Lena is worried for everybody’s safety and she’s been getting phone calls from parents already about taking their children out of the school. Lena sees Brandon outside for his free period and asks him how things are with living at Cortney’s such as eating enough, getting his homework done and practising for Juliard. Brandon tells her everything is fine but Mike got rid of the piano at his because it was in the way so he’s been having to play the piano at home, Lena tells him that he can just borrow the piano at home. Brandon’s afraid that Stef won’t be okay with him coming home just for the use of the piano but Lena assures him that she will be.

Taylor takes Jude to her youth group and meets Noah, the pastor’s son. The theme at the youth group is ‘Trust’ so they sing a few songs about trust from the bible and then talk about situations where they’ve had to trust somebody or themselves. Noah explains that he got dumped through the summer and it hit him really hard. What he learnt from the break up is that there’s nothing wrong with him and he didn’t do anything and god’s going to send him the boyfriend he wants when the time is right. He has to trust himself and trust god that he will get the happy ending he wants. The group then do a trust exercise, Taylor suggests Jude and Noah pair up as the exercise involves not pairing with somebody you already know. Jude and Noah sit on the floor, legs crossed, knees touching, looking into each others eyes, relaxing their hands on each others. Their group leader tells them to let their guard down and let the person they’re paired up to accept them for who they are, letting them see the real them. Jude runs off and shouts at Taylor for only inviting him to the youth group because Noah was gay. Taylor suggests that Jude might actually like Noah or if he doesn’t he could make a friend out of him.

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Callie and Aaron visit the house Callie grew up in. She tells Aaron that she lived there until the age of 10 as her mother had died and her father was the one driving the car involved in the accident. Callie takes a quick picture and Aaron takes her home. Aaron asks Callie if she wants to go out again and she confronts him about AJ and thanks him for day. Lena catches her, and her and Stef confront her about being disobedient. Callie confronts them about the Brandon situation because they still haven’t spoke about it and she tells him if they’re going to undo her adoption then they should just do it. Stef and Lena assure her that they would never undo her adoption and they didn’t say anything because they didn’t know what to say.

Stef returns home to see Brandon playing the piano. Stef remembers the piece Brandon was playing and reminisces on a story where they had to be picked up by a guy because their car broke down, they laugh about the situation but Brandon gets serious. He thanks Stef for taking him to lessons and contests and everything else he needed for his piano. Stef asks Brandon if he will stay for dinner but he has to get back to Cortney’s to babysit her son.

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Callie tells Lena about her senior project idea. She wants to do a photo essay about all the foster homes her and Jude have lived in and write about what happened to her and Jude in each one and how they found their way to their family.

Lena hosts an assembly at school and gives a speech on what they want for the school in order to keep each other safe.

“My daughter said something really wise last night. She said walls don’t keep you safe. She wasn’t talking about anchor beach, but it got me thinking. What kind of school do we want? Do we want an armoured fortress? A monument to fear? Or do we want an open inclusive space where our kid can come and learn and explore and create. Let’s be honest, no fence is going to keep all dangers out. The only way that we’re going to keep our kids safe is by being aware, present and proactive. By being better parents. We tell you kids, see something say something, and you did. It worked. Thank you. How is it that school shootings have become something to expect and prepare for? As a country, as a community, we’ve accepted this as normal. Why? This isn’t normal! This shouldn’t be normal! We’re all in this together and that’s the only way we’re going to get through it.”

The girls that have been bullying Mariana stand up and say they don’t mind the fences because they just want to feel safe when they’re in school.

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“Really? You wanna feel safe? Well I do too. But I can’t when you and your friends are calling me names, saying I’m a bitch, a whore, saying that it’s my fault Nick brought a gun to school like I drove him to it or something? These fences might keep us safe from what goes on on the outside, but who’s going to protect us from what’s going on inside?” – Mariana Adams-Foster

Mariana and Mat talk about starting over and pretending none of it ever happened. Mat goes off to do something before taking Mariana home, when she gets a call from a number she doesn’t know. When she picks up the phone, it’s Nick telling her how he misses her so much and asks her when she’s going to visit him.

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