Foxfrd Releases Debut EP ‘Momentum’

R&B Artist, Video Game Animator, and Viral TikTok Creator Foxfrd releases his debut EP, Momentum, featuring three brand-new tracks: “Black James Bond,” “Sun Beamin,” and “The Fool,” along with “Oni,” “Where Are All My Friends,” and “Tempest.”

Originally from Memphis, now based in L.A., Foxfrd started out as an animator in the video gaming industry, followed by expanding his talents as a multimedia artist, including crossing over into music. And listeners reap the benefits of his creativity.

Full of intense emotional textures reflecting personal experiences like failing to rekindle a romance exhausted by his mother’s passing, coping with the loneliness of living in Los Angeles, and the strain imposed by quarantine, Foxfrd’s music is at once cathartic and inspiring.

Encompassing six tracks, highlights on the EP include “Black James Bond,” opening on low-slung emerging colors. Lush jazz savors merge with luscious R&B to form a smooth, alluring tune. Foxfrd’s velvety, evocative voice imbues the lyrics with both melodic and rapping-lite flows.

At once sensuous and bewitching, “Oni” rolls out on polished R&B textures, low and cool, as Foxfrd’s posh-flavored timbres infuse the lyrics with luxuriously cashmere flavors. “Sun Beamin” rumbles and pops with delicious expensive waves of R&B as Foxfrd’s almost scatting voice gives the lyrics suave tonal modulation. This is a stellar voice, suave and velvety.

“The Fool” opens on snapping percussion and a thumping kick-drum. Wavering synths and percolating harmonics infuse the tune with dreamy, almost psychedelic tangs of sumptuous R&B. A personal favorite, “Where Are All My Friends,” travels on gentle, gleaming guitars and softly glowing washes of sound. Drifting vocals combine with wafting harmonies to give the lyrics a wistful poignancy. I love the luminous entry of the keyboards, adding graceful tendrils.

With Momentum, Foxfrd reveals his gift for glossy, stylish R&B. This is definitely a must-listen-to, grandly wrought EP.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.