FREDDIE Concert Review

On September 16, we got the opportunity to go to Freddie’s concert, which took place in Szekszárd, Hungary.

Many people gathered in front of the King Béla Square stage at Szekszárd’s famous Grape Harvest Festival, which was held from the 15th to 18th of September.

The anticipation was palpable, the atmosphere was excellent, and when Freddie and his band arrived at midnight, they immediately brought an insane energy to the stage.

It was an amazing experience for us to attend the show, here’s why we loved it so much.

FREDDIE Concert Review 1

Opening with some fantastic covers of both Hungarian and English songs like John Newman‘s “Love Me Again” and Tamás Mester‘s “Szabadítsd fel”, the singer and the band had the fans up on their feet, singing and dancing throughout the night.

We have to mention the incredible lighting of the stage that caught our eyes right away. During the entire concert, the stage glowed in pink, black, blue and purple, and let us say, it was just marvellous.

From the first drumbeat, the entire band were energetic and inspiring; they didn’t stop amusing the audience. Bassist Gergely Baranyi, guitarist Mike Gotthard, drummer László Balogh and keyboard player Dániel Szebényi played frenetically on their instruments; we nearly thought they would dismantle the equipment, and rip off the strings. Then there was Freddie,  screaming at the top of his lungs, singing his heart and soul out to the crowd.

With his impressive high notes, he made the crowd stare at the stage completely breathless, and it’s worth mentioning the singer also played the guitar which made the night a bit more special.

In between songs, he talked to the fans and showed his laid-back, funny side with his hidden jokes like encouraging the crowd to tear down the cordons and get closer to the stage.

There were emotional moments that night, too; we especially loved when Freddie covered “Neked írom a dalt”, the song of Tamás Somló, singer of the Hungarian rock band Locomotiv GT who died of cancer this year, at age 68. The cover was a tribute to the rocker and made a huge impression as it gave goosebumps to the whole crowd.

Still, we have to state that our favourite moments of the show were when the musicians kept the energy going with original songs. Starting with Freddie’s newest single “Na jó, hello”, which many people had been waiting for, the singer made the fans cheer in recognition, sing along and wave when the lyric came to “Hello”.

FREDDIE Concert Review 1

FREDDIE Concert Review 1

Another original song came a bit later that night, but then “Mary Joe” brought the next wave of insane pandemonium as that song is one of the best ones live with its standard rock sound.

A catchy and upbeat number was afterwards followed by an acoustic rendition of the ballad “Neked nem kell” which had the crowd swaying and listening to Freddie’s unique, impressive vocal stylings. This was probably one of the calmest moments of the night, which provided a perfect break from the craziness of the rest of the concert.

Of course, the Hungarian talent would end the show with lead single “Pioneer”, which was definitely one of the highlights of the concert. The crowd also reached the highest point of energy for the night.

Getting the opportunity to be up close and personal with a golden-throated artist is an incredible experience, especially during a song about pushing your way through life and not letting anyone drag you down.

As soon as “Pioneer” ended, the boys bowed and got a burst of applause. Though, it still wasn’t the end of the gig.

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The entire audience was seemingly very impressed with the engaging performance, and so they clapped loud to show they wanted to hear one more song. The guys came back to the stage without hesitation and kindly told the crowd that if they know the rules for „Na jó, hello”, then they can hear it again.

So that’s how the latest single became a worthy ending to the night.

Even after the concert was finished, Freddie was kind enough to stay there longer just to give autographs and take photos with every single person who wanted one. We were so surprised to hear that he even thanked fans for the pictures, showing an extreme dedication towards them.

He also stood up for supporters when security guards didn’t make the effort to ensure better lighting for the photos. It was noticeable how modest he was, as it was in the middle of the night and he still kept smiling.  You could tell how much he cares for each and every one of his fans.

Overall, seeing Freddie and his band live was impressive, and entirely memorable because the singer represented his home country to us again really well.

They smashed it with their energetic and fun stage presence, but even their personalities were enough to leave a smile on everyone’s faces.

Although we nearly became deaf, we can now tell you with complete confidence that we left the concert smiling ear to ear.

We loved it – Thank You!

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Make sure to vote and help Freddie to win at the Comet Awards, where he is nominated in two categories, Best Male Artist and Best Song for “Pioneer”.

You can vote here, and don’t forget to follow Freddie on Twitter at @Freddie_HUN or check him out on Facebook!

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Written by Alexandra Nagy

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