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‘From Our Point of View’ – Artistry, Activism, and Conversation

From Our Point of View, the streaming series produced and directed by Robert Ball in collaboration with BGMN (Black Gay Men’s Network of Ontario), explores the voices, experiences, stories, and journeys of significant Black Queer Male Identifying artists, activists, and community members of Ontario.

Streaming via STRATFEST@HOME, the platform of Stratford Festival, From Our Point of View presents Hollywood Jade in conversation with guests who talk openly about their lives, sexuality, health, art, aspirations, and anything else you can think of as they reveal themselves as human beings.

Past episodes include in-depth exchanges with, Robert Ball, Thom Allison, and Marcus Nance. Ball, whose previous credits include Freedom Cabaret and Up Close and Musical, currently plays Judge in Chicago.

Allison, born and raised in Winnipeg, MB, has just been announced as the director of RENT at the Stratford Festival next year- 26 years after being in the production! He also just directed No One Is Alone and has been seen in Romeo and Juliet, The Threepenny Opera, and Macbeth among others.

While Marcus Nance, probably best known for his role of Pree in Killjoys, and who is now the voice of Greymoon in Pinecone & Pony, discusses his film and television career, including The Producers, Air Crash Investigation, Departure, Elsewhereless, and many others. Nance shared with Jade, “I fought for who I was all my life. People think that if I’m black, gay, and over 50 there’s nothing out there for me.”

Other fascinating guests consist of Courtnay McFarlane, Billy Newton-Davis, Kevin Ormsoy, Samson B. Brown, and Kimora Amour.

Reminiscent of mainstream talk shows, like The Tonight Show, only with much more insight and emotion, From Out Point of View conveys the stories of talented, noteworthy individuals, who just happen to be Black, Queer, and identify as males, along with their wisdom, humor, insight, hopes, and struggles.

On one level, From Our Point of View is intellectual, yet not stuffy or ponderous. While on another level, it’s empathetic and comprehensive. Essentially, From Our Point of View, like travel, expands our horizons and understanding of life, love, and happiness.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.