G Girls Are Back! They Tease New Single & Music Video “Milk & Honey”

The G Girls are back with a teaser music video, released on the Global Records YouTube Channel. With a slight shake-up in the line-up, with Alexandra Stan being replaced by Lariss; the four girls are prepared for the release of “Milk & Honey”.

This will be the second single from the G Girls, following on from the amazingly catchy “Call The Police“. Reasons for the shake-up are currently unknown, but we’re all wondering is “Milk & Honey” going to be as good as their first single? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Watch The Teaser Video For G Girls’ “Milk & Honey” Here:

The teaser video shows each of the girls separately. Antonia is walking on a treadmill, whilst a love interest times her. Lori is getting her hair cut. Lariss is sitting on a car. Inna is being styled. More shots follow, where the girls are getting their make-up done. There’s a snapshot clip of all four of them performing together.

This is quite the tease; although there’s no confirmation of the date it will be released. We’re guessing it’ll be pretty soon, we’re sure we won’t have to wait too long. From this snippet of a video, we hear the following song lyrics:

Control my body, love me, never ever leave me. I like when your lips taste like a candy kiss. Sprinkle a little on mine.

The girls have been teasing the song on their Instagram, with photos from the music video.

Check Out G Girls Teasing Instagram Photos Here:



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The official single cover artwork has also been revealed. Taking a totally different direction to that of “Call The Police” single cover artwork, that saw each of the girl group members; this one shows a half full milk bottle with a straw in the top. with a honey dipper dripping honey into the milk bottle. It’s quite creative, relating the image to the song’s title.

See The G Girls’ Official “Milk & Honey” Single Cover Artwork Here:

G Girls will be returning very soon; but will “Milk & Honey” be all that we want, especially with Lariss replacing Alexandra Stan in the line-up.

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