Gary Barlow’s Mission for 2016!

So you may remember that last year Take That’s Gary Barlow surprised fans by turning up to sing at their weddings. It went down a real treat so Gary has decided that this year, he will sing at fan’s milestone birthday parties!

Already, hundreds of fans have tweeted the Hey Boy singer asking for him to perform at their parties but we can see a major flaw in Gary’s plan – surely it’s easy to fake a birthday party just to meet Gary? Yes, a wedding would be really quite difficult but a few balloons and a tweet could mean Gary turns up on your front door! We like to hope that Gary and his team will requite some form of ID to prove when your birthday is, though!

So just how can you get Gary to come to your party? Well, you can tweet him with a hash-tag that’ll attract some attention to yourself, take posters to gigs you go to, or even try and meet him just to convince him to come! Surely you’d do anything to be serenaded by Gary, eh?

Will you be campaigning to get Gary to come to your party? Or will you be helping someone out? Let us know on by giving us a tweet – @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix