Genevieve Padalecki Opens Up in Special International Women’s Day Vlog

“We are equal, we are all strong, and we all deserve equality.”

In late January, people around the world participated in the Women’s Marches. From Pittsburgh to Vancouver, citizens of all ages protested for equality. Many high-profile celebrities joined the fight, including one of Supernatural‘s favorites, Genevieve Padalecki.

Through her Instagram page (which just passed its one year birthday) and her blog, the star shared her experience of the 2018 march.

Genevieve also posted a throwback to 2017’s march, which features her son, Tom, chanting “I march for my sister.” Odette, Genevieve and Jared Padalecki’s third child and first daughter, was born just a couple months later.

Ever since her new branding, NowAndGen, Genevieve has been openly writing about a flurry of relatable and important topics, including women empowerment. Not only has she shown her support through her Instagram and blog, but now, the social media influencer is moving into another almighty platform: YouTube.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Gen decided to upload the vlog she recorded shortly about the women’s march.

During her announcement of the video on her Instagram Story, she explained why she waited so long to post it. According to Gen, she had “mixed feelings” about the video, which led to her saving it.

After hitting the play button, it quickly becomes clear why she may have felt the way she did. However, throughout the vlog, Genevieve’s strength shines for all to see. She dives in and opens up about her vulnerabilities as not only a woman, but as a human being. Her power is marked by the honesty of her words, and her bravery is shown through her not holding anything, including her tears, back.

“I did a lot of reflecting, and there are behaviors in my life that I’ve allowed because I’ve assumed it was my fault… And that’s just so effed up and incorrect. I’m part of this problem, and I have to be a part of the solution.”

When another person comes out and talks about an issue, it often encourages and gives others strength to do the same. By speaking out about her stance on the march and equality, Genevieve is yet again sparking the conversation, and that’s where change truly begins.

“It’s not just enough to march; we have to lead by example. We have to treat each other with respect, and fight the fight.”

You can watch Genevieve’s vlog down below.

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Written by Jessica Brown

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