The Grammys got Ed Sheeran’s parents wrong

So the GRAMMYs 2016 were great, weren’t they? We had fantastic performances from Gaga, Adele and Ellie Goulding, and there was enough Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber to go around for everyone. That’s what we like to see.

BUT there was one teeny tiny error on the night, and it all went down when Ed Sheeran gave his acceptance speech for Song of the Year.

As Ed thanked his parents for flying out to the Grammys every year, the camera cut to two random people – definitely NOT Ed Sheeran’s parents.

The Grammys got Ed Sheeran's parents wrong 5

As this couple smiled and clapped in front of the camera, Ed’s REAL parents were probs a bit confused. Poor John and Imogen didn’t even get any screen time during the whole show. This is them, for future reference. Grammys, take note:

The Grammys got Ed Sheeran's parents wrong 6

That’s showbiz, everybody; sometimes mistakes happen, and now all 25 million of the Grammys’ viewers think some complete strangers are Ed Sheeran’s parents. Nice one.

In fact, the awards show had a whole load of questionable camera work during Ed’s win. The camera was totally more bothered about Taylor Swift reacting to Ed Sheeran’s award than Ed Sheeran himself. You do know it wasn’t Taylor’s song, right? See how it all played out, right here:

We are so proud of Ed and he 100% deserves a Grammy award, FINALLY. At least he doesn’t have to say “maybe next year,” anymore. Maybe next year the Grammys will get it right.

What do you make of all that then? Funny mistake or do the Grammys need to brush up on their research? Let us know in the comments or @CelebMix on Twitter.

Written by Emily Gulla

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