Greyson Chance releases new single “Holy Feeling”

Greyson Chance has released his uplifting new track “Holy Feeling.” It is the first single off of Greyson’s forthcoming album, which is due for release later this year.

The track was written by Chance, produced by Teddy Geiger and Chad Copelin at Sonic Ranch in El Paso, Texas, and highlights his signature vocal prowess. The video was directed by Bobby Hanaford and shot in Los Angeles. Chance was styled and dressed by Anthony Vacarello, the creative director for Saint Laurent. 

Greyson signed with Arista Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment last year, and has released “Boots” and “Dancing Next To Me, “as well his latest single. He also wrapped his portraits headlining world tour in early 2020, where he performed across North America and Europe. Throughout the tour, he partnered with The Ally Coalition in support of the LGBTQ community.

Talking about his latest single and his highly anticipated upcoming album, Greyson commented: ““It was a daunting task to write an album in the middle of a pandemic year, I won’t lie. But “Holy Feeling” came at a time when I felt the most stuck and the most unsure of myself; in that way, it served as an awakening. I crafted my entire album around the song, both sonically and narratively. “Holy Feeling” is about being present and focusing on the beauty of what’s in front of you, instead of what lies unknowingly in the future. I wrote it at Sonic Ranch in El Paso, which felt like a second home to me being from Oklahoma. I think it captures a more unpolished version of myself.”

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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