Halsey Covers Nylon’s June/July Issue

Pop princess Halsey recently got her first cover of Nylon for their upcoming June/July issue!

On the cover, Halsey wears a J. W. Anderson dress while licking a lollipop. She looks beautiful as always!

In the interview, Halsey touches on a multitude of issues, the first of which was her walking the red carpet. Although she seems like a well-seasoned pop star, she actually is not as cool and collected as she seems. She calls it “the most terrifying and anxiety-ridden f*cking experience of my entire life.”

Halsey also touches on her rise to fame, including the opportunity to open for bands such as Imagine Dragons and The Weeknd. Dan Reynolds, the lead singer for Imagine Dragons, is full of nothing but compliments for her. He calls her voice very original in an industry where people are often criticized for speaking up. Her “mix of strength and vulnerability” gives rise to her unique voice in the music industry. “She’s like a really beautiful nervous wreck” is how Reynolds describes her.

Halsey also talks about some of the hate she receives, particularly over her shaved head. She says that “[she] really not care less about what you think,” reminding people to embrace their own individuality and do what makes you happy.

Halsey Goes to Coachella

As Halsey goes to perform at Coachella, the crowd is hot with anticipation. Multiple concertgoers speak of her amazing talent and stage presence. In the end, her performance was nothing short of stunning. With a surprise guest of Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco, the concert is one to go down in the record books.

Towards the end of the interview, Halsey touches on her sexuality. Being a bisexual singer is often seen as a grab to get sales. However, she criticizes this viewpoint, stating wryly that “it is incredible that we live in a f*cking year where being queer helps you sell records,” obviously being sarcastic. She speaks of how she’s not just the “bisexual, biracial” girl with “a mental illness.” She is so much more.

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