Happy 20th Birthday to Normani Kordei!

Today is the 31st of May, which marks the day the lovely Normani Kordei Hamilton was born! The Fifth Harmony singer turned 20 today and has been showered with many gifts such as cake – a lot of cake! In honour of her birthday the Harmonizers trended – and got it to No.1 –  #HappyBirthdayNormani so we thought we would take part in celebrating our Queen’s Birthday.

Here at CelebMix, we love when it’s celebrities birthdays because that means we get to write fun articles to celebrate their special day. To help celebrate Normani’s birthday we decided to round up 10 reasons why we love the beautiful Normani Kordei – which is really hard considering there are like a million reasons to love her.


1. She is the Queen of sass

Normani is always one of the first to shut down haters online and will stick up for her band mates and fans when she needs to. She always makes sure she is sassy while shutting down the trolls and shows them who’s boss. We can see by the way she carries herself and acts while she performs that she is very sassy. Her dancing always includes some sass and that’s why she is such a talented dancer. Let’s be honest her sass is one of the things we love most about her. Show them who’s boss  Mani!

2. Her Snapchat Stories

We always love watching her snapchat stories because they are always so full of life and make us laugh. Sometimes her stories also feature the other Fifth Harmony girls so we love watching them to see how much fun they are all having together. We also love seeing her random snaps with her family members and her other friends back home. Here are some of her best snapchat videos:

3. Her dancing

Normani is by far one of the best dancers we have ever seen and we love watching her performances. When we watch her we feel like we are watching a professional dancer dancing, if she wasn’t in Fifth Harmony she could totally be a professional dancer. She always makes dancing look so easy when she does it, she is very talented.

4. Her amazing vocals

Normani is such an amazing and unique singer and we love listening to her soothing voice. She is always able to hit the high notes which is a little bit hard for some people – like some of us here at CelebMix. She never fails to amaze us with her outstanding vocals in every performance. She is a very inspirational singer and we could listen to her sing all day!

5. Her music taste

Normani is a big fan of Beyonce and Rihanna who we all love to pieces. We love hearing one of our favourites talking about one of our other favourites, it’s awesome! She always tweets and talks about Rihanna and Beyonce and it’s so cute to watch. She was at the ANTI Tour not long ago, with the rest of the Fifth Harmony girls, and posted a few pictures on Instagram, make sure to check them out.

6. She is the Queen of Selfies

Not only is she the Queen of sass but she is also the queen of selfies. We’re not going to lie, we practically live for her selfies.  She always makes sure she looks good in her pictures, she has a nice background, she has nice lighting and is at a good angel – that’s probably why her photos look like a professional photographer took them.


7. She is a great friend

Normani is such a great friend and always has her friends backs. She also gives support to her friends when they are going through a tough time or just need someone to speak to. She is never afraid to drag the haters that slam her band mates or anyone close to her. She is always there for her friends and tweets them daily to show them how much she loves them.

Happy 20th Birthday to Normani Kordei! 1

8. Her style

Normani is always wearing breath taking outfits which inspire her fans. She is very known for changing the style of her hair often. She always changes her hair style depending when or where she is. She changes her hair a lot when she is going to award shows, her recent award show hair was short, black and with bangs, at the BBMA’s. No matter what her hair looks like or what she is wearing, she is always flawless. She also loves changing up her clothing style depending on the occasion, we love all of her outfits that she wears. Normani is definitely a beauty icon in our eyes.


9. Her smile and laugh

She has one of the brightest smiles that we have ever seen and we love seeing her happy. Her smile is the reason we smile. She has an amazing personality and is always laughing with her contagious laugh. She always has a smile on her face and that’s why we love her, she never fails to make us giggle or smile. And lets be honest, she has really nice teeth so we love seeing her toothy grin.

Happy 20th Birthday to Normani Kordei! 2

10. Last but not least… Normani for being Normani

What we love most about Normani Kordei Hamilton is that she is Normani. We love that she doesn’t have to hide her flaws, she can be who she want’s to be and not worry about being judged. We love that she is the Queen of sass. We love her snapchat stories. We love her dancing. We love her amazing vocals. We love her music taste. We love that she is a great friend. We love her style. We love her smile and her contagious laugh. We love every single thing about her, even if she is a dork, she is our dork. We all love her the way she is and wouldn’t want her to change a single thing, we love her unconditionally. Thank you for making us smile and laugh everyday Normani, thank you for being you!

Happy 20th Birthday to Normani Kordei! 3

Once again we would like to say a very special Happy Birthday to our Queen, Normani Kordei Hamilton, have a great day you deserve it ManiBear! – From every one here at CelebMix.

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Written by CelebMix