Happy Birthday Cher Lloyd!

British singer and former X-Factor contestant Cher Lloyd celebrates her 23rd birthday today, July 28th! Cher has kept pretty low key since the release of her last album, Sorry I’m Late. However, she is on the verge of a strong comeback, with the recent release of her new song Activated. The release date for ‘CL3’ is yet to be determined, but it is already highly anticipated by fans.

Cher is spending her special day in LA, following her performance at The Grove on July 27th, where over 200 fans were lined up to see the free concert. We also attended and covered the event on our Snapchat!

Fans have already been tweeting sweet birthday messages for Cher under the hashtag #HappyBirthdayCherLloyd.


To celebrate Cher’s birthday, let’s look back on five of her best live performances!

1. Turn My Swag On (X-Factor Audition)

Cher’s X-Factor audition was definitely one to remember. At only 16 years old, Cher confidently works the stage and raps effortlessly. Her facial expressions and body language convey the sassy attitude of the song perfectly. The audition sent her through to the next round without issue, and is hailed by some as the best X-Factor audition ever!

2. Love The Way You Lie (X-Factor Performance)

One of Cher’s more ambitious performances on X-Factor was when she took on Love The Way You Lie, and sang both Rihanna and Eminem’s parts. The performance was raw and passionate, and she has no difficulty switching between angelic high notes and fast paced rapping. We’re so glad Cher took a risk with this performance!

3. With Ur Love (Radio Disney Music Awards)

Cher once again commands the stage with her fierce attitude and swag while performing her single With Ur Love at the Radio Disney Music Awards. She nailed her vocals once again, as it sounds exactly like the studio version, with just a bit of extra flare. She definitely deserves to sit on that throne on the stage after this performance!

4. Want U Back (Taylor Swift’s Red Tour)

Do you remember when Cher was a special guest on Taylor Swift’s Red tour? We’re sure it was an amazing moment in Cher’s career, and it is definitely evident in this performance. Her energy was high and she bounced around the stage happily. Her chemistry with Taylor onstage was awesome as well, as well as their blend of voices. We need a collab from these two ASAP!

5. Stay (X-Factor Performance)

To round off this list, we have what may be Cher’s best live performance. While performing Stay, Cher showcases not only her vocal range and talent, but her ability to perform an emotional song and be vulnerable. She wanted to prove that she is more than just a rapper, and she ended up giving a spectacular performance of the ballad. This instance may have paved the way for ballads on Cher’s albums, such as Sirens and Goodnight.

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All of us at CelebMix would like to wish Cher Lloyd a very happy 23rd birthday! Keep on killin’ it Cher!

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.