Happy Birthday Inna!

It’s 16 October 2016, today’s the day Inna turns 30 years old. She’s the Romanian female singer we all love. To celebrate CelebMix will take a look back at her career so far.

Inna has been on her socials all day today, liking fans pictures and shoutouts on Twitter and Instagram. She has even been retweeting and reposting content from her fans wishing her a happy birthday.

Not only that, Inna has teamed up with Hospice Casa Sperantei for the “Donate Your Birthday” campaign. This is where you are able to give Inna a birthday present in the form of a donation to this Romanian Hospice. Inna has said that it would be the “best present ever”. Today, Inna met her target for her campaign.

To celebrate Inna’s 30th birthday, CelebMix looks back at her career so far. With her fifth studio album on its way, where we’re expecting a tropical sound thanks to hits “Heaven” and “Say It With Your Body“, could this album be her best yet?

Hot Era

Inna first attempted to represent Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. Known as Alessandra (her full name is Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu), she submitted songs “Goodbye” and “Sorry”, but neither song was selected. She focused on her career, working with Play & Win they created some house music. “Hot” was released and the rest is history.

Her debut single “Hot” launched her career, giving her international success like she never expected. The song charted well globally and pushed her. The song also became the title of her debut album, which launched four more singles “Love”, “Déjà Vu”, “Amazing” and “10 Minutes”. These singles were released in different orders in other countries.


The album in itself also had global success. “Hot” is known as her most successful album. Produced by Play & Win, a Romanian singer-songwriter and music production trio consisting of Marcel Botezan, Radu Bolfea and Sebastian Barac; the album has different artworks in different countries. This is due to Inna being signed to different record labels in different countries. Nowadays, her Romanian record label, Roton Romania, releases her music worldwide.

I Am The Club Rocker Era

If it weren’t for this album, her fandom would not be called Club Rockers. The first single from this album, “Sun Is Up”, is what pushed Inna back into the limelight. It was her second international hit, sometimes succeeding “Hot” as her best-selling single in some countries.

Her second single from the album featured one of the biggest American hip-hop artists: Flo Rida. The “Club Rocker” music video was directed by Alex Herron and a casting call for the video was made, where fans could answer a couple of questions and be entered into a competition to be in the video. Cristea Constantin won the contest.

“Un Momento” was released a few weeks before the album dropped. It features Juan Magan, a Spanish artist who has worked with many well-known singers and rappers. This song continued Inna’s global success but it made less of an impact and when the album dropped it didn’t do quite so well as “Hot” did, chart wise.

Two more singles followed “Endless” and “Wow”. The former is a classic house ballad. The later was a more pop-infused track. The songs managed to get top 10 in her home country of Romania.

The album didn’t quite make the impact as her debut album. Produced and written by Play & Win, the album shows a much calmer side to Inna. Leading closer to europop than the house genre we’re used to.

Party Never Ends Era

This is the album when Roton Romania wanted to release her songs internationally themselves. There were a few buzz singles before the album was released. It had a total of seven singles, but it was her collaboration with Daddy Yankee that pushed her into more global success. “More Than Friends” was the fourth single from the album. The summer song charted well in Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Mexico, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Venezuela.

Daddy Yankee was not the only featured star on this album. Play & Win features on single “INNdiA”; Reik features on “Dame Tu Amore”/”Light Up”, both songs are the same, but the former is in Spanish whilst the latter is in English; Juan Magan returned for a remix version of “Be My Lover”; and Yandel adds vocals for a special release of “In Your Eyes”, his vocals do not appear on the original Party Never Ends album.

The other singles released from this album were “Caliente” and “Crazy Sexy Wild”/”Tu Si Eu”. The former is in Spanish with an English bridge in the song. The latter is the same song but one is in English and other is in Romanian. They aren’t a complete translation of the lyrics.

The album was produced by Play & Win and writing credits included Ina Wroldsen, Wayne Hector, Play & Win, Justin Franks, Thomas Troelsen, Melanie Thornton, Steve Mac, Daddy Yankee, and Inna. It didn’t chart well internationally, making this album one of the most underrated albums that you don’t know about.

Cola Song and Good Time Era

These two songs were stand-alone singles. In some countries it appears on the Party Never Ends album; in other countries, they feature on Inna/Body And The Sun albums; then in certain countries, they are non-album singles. Regardless, these two songs are growers and both have featured in films, TV series and trailers. Media marketing of these two singles definitely pushed Inna into more international fame.

They both feature well-known singers. “Cola Song” features J Balvin, a Columbian singer-songwriter. He has received a lot of success in Latin America, and his name definitely pushed the success of this song. The latter single, “Good Time”, features American rapper Pitbull, he needs no introduction since he has many hit singles and has worked with the best artists in the industry.

Inna / Body And The Sun Era

Inna announced six promotional singles for her new album, these promo singles were a part of the Summer Days EP. Not all of them were included in the final release of the album. “Take Me Higher”, “Low”, “Devil’s Paradise”, “Tell Me”, “Body and the Sun”, and “Summer Days” were all released singularly. “Take Me Higher” had an exclusive online video released as a gift for her Club Rockers. The songs promo included giving away signed posters of each of the artwork. Only a set amount of signed posters were made available. Fans had to claim the posters through her website, and they were given to first come first served.

She announced that there would be two versions of her fourth studio album. “Body and the Sun” was a Japan-only release whereas the self-titled album, “Inna”, was released worldwide. The album (or should that be albums?), spawned four singles. Two of those singles had featured artists. First single “Diggy Down” featured Marian Hill; second single “Bop Bop” featured Eric Turner. Both songs charted well in Romania, with the former hitting the top spot.

Her follow-up releases were “Yalla” and “Rendez Vous”. Talk about appealing to countries globally. These two songs show her ability to try new things, to sing in different languages and definitely proves her versatility. The latter song, “Rendez Vous” contains elements from “Coco Jambo” by Mr. President.

Inna worked with a range of producers for this album. Writing credits come from Play & Win, The Monsters and the Strangerz, Andreas Schuller, J-Son, Inna, Eric Turner, Wayne Hector and Ilsey Juber. Album track “Too Sexy” contains elements from “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred.

On some versions of this album, Inna has included tracks on which she features on. This includes Alexandra Stan’s collaboration with Inna and Daddy Yankee “We Wanna”, as well as her feature on the Morandi track “Summer in December”. The former is dubbed the Romanian answer to Shakira & Rihanna’s “Can’t Remember To Forget You”. This is because of how profiled Inna and Alexandra Stan are in Romania. This collaboration charted well globally.

Inna’s Fifth Studio Album

Inna confirmed a while ago that she was working on a new album. “Heaven” will be the first single from this album. It has an exotic tropical feel and is possibly the direction Inna has taken. The song has a verse completely in French.

Her follow-up single was a promotional release for her fans. After months of teasers, Inna finally dropped “Say It With Your Body“. It coincides amazingly with “Heaven” and definitely shows the direction she has taken with her new album.

Here at CelebMix, we cannot wait for Inna’s new album. This Romanian female superstar has a lot more to give, and we cannot wait to see what she brings to the table. We know it’s going to be stunning.

Inna has released many other songs. Her features include Pitbull’s “All The Things“, Carla’s Dreams’ “P.O.H.U.I.“, DJ Bobo’s “Everybody“, Brian Cross’ “Boom Boom“, and 3 Sud Est’s “Mai stai“. She released a Christmas song in her early years called “I Need You For Christmas“. She also teamed up with Alexandra Stan again, as well as Antonia and Lori to create G Girls, a female supergroup for Global Records; they released “Call The Police” this year.

Here at CelebMix, we want to wish Inna a massive Happy 30th Birthday. Her career has taken her all over the world. We look forward to hearing her fifth studio album.

We hope you enjoyed our look back on Inna’s career so far. Head over to Twitter and celebrate Inna’s birthday with us @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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