Harry Potter’s got a shaved head

Daniel Radcliffe, 26, now looks more akin to Lord Voldemort than he does to Harry Potter.

Daniel showed off his new look at the BBC Radio 1 studios in London on Wednesday.

He shaved his head in preparation for his role in new upcoming film Imperium.

Daniel has had to transform himself both mentally and physically into a FBI undercover agent: Nate Foster.

Imperium is directed by filmmaker Daniel Ragussis and is based on the true story and experiences of undercover agent Michael German, who co-wrote the script with the director.

Daniel was also seen filming scenes for another film, an India comedy-drama called Swiss Army Man, in which he befriends a dead body and takes on a surreal journey to make it back to his home.

He was also in Victor Frankenstein, in which he appears with fellow British actor James McAvoy.

Written by CelebMix