Harry Styles Wows with Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain’ in the Live Lounge

BBC Radio 1

Fans of Harry Styles were in for an absolutely massive treat this morning as he performed in BBC’s Radio 1 Live Lounge. The Live Lounge is an intimate performance where the biggest names in music strip down two of their own songs and cover a favorite by another artist.

Harry’s Live Lounge was highly anticipated as his debut album went above and beyond what any of us could have hoped for. Not only are the songs incredible, he stayed true to himself and revealed a lot of his heart through his music. We’ve not heard songs like this from Harry in the past, ones that show such raw emotion and feeling.

Sign of the Times was Styles’ debut single, so it makes sense that he performed that during today’s Live Lounge. The style, lyrics, and passion he put into the song are unmatched. It’s a solo debut that set him apart from many other artists in the business and the truth is, all he wanted to do with both his single and his album was make honest music that he enjoyed listening to as well.

He absolutely achieved that goal.

His second single ‘Two Ghosts’ is also an emotional tune and we have to say his note changes during this one have to be some of our personal favorite. The song reflects upon two people who used to have it all, and now they exist in a sort of limbo trying to remember how it felt to simply be alive.

His performance today was stunning.

The song Harry chose to cover was a Fleetwood Mac tune, The Chain to be more specific.

Not only does he sound so incredible that it’s almost indescribable on the tune, it’s an honor for him. Stevie Nicks is a personal idol for Harry and after their performance earlier this year at The Troubador, fans anticipated that he’d cover Fleetwood Mac when his Live Lounge performance was announced.

Harry’s performance will easily go down as one of the best Live Lounge spots ever, and with the passion and dedication he puts into every single note in every single song, he deserves it.

Written by Ashley

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