Hear Tux Bolo’s New Single ‘Taste’ Here First

When we first interviewed the guys of Tux Bolo, they were just releasing their first single Shame on Me featuring Ashley DuBose and looking forward to an incredible future in music. Lance Conrad, Doug Louiselle, and Dan Richards had been friends for a few years and worked on some projects together, but they had their own projects as well.

Dan Richards was on the road with One Direction, Lance had been producing music and work for a tv series and Doug was also working on music of his own. They’ve been incredibly busy on their own, but as a group, they knew Tux Bolo was something they wanted to make sure thrived.

Now, almost a year later, we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing them again and being here for the release of their next single, Taste, which you can hear right now.

Taste is truly something special. When we hear a song for the first time, we usually like to listen to it once and then let it simmer. With Taste, we had it on repeat immediately so we could learn the lyrics and hear the music.

Never felt so high like this before, am I hallucinating, I just can’t be sure – so won’t you come closer cause I’ve got to know – are you looking for somebody just like me? I can be the one, just tell me what you need – ’cause you’ve got me hostage and I can’t leave, now I’m hooked on the sensation – I can’t escape I’ve got you in my veins.’

It’s got a vibe of its own and it’s definitely more mature, so we asked the guys what was different about this song. They made a good point that a lot of artists struggle with – having ideas of what something ‘should be’ and letting those go to let the song grow into its own.

Lance’s decision to give the song a swung groove played into the ‘sexy’ vibe.  There were plenty of debates over lyrics and tones to make sure it had a little more of a mature, brooding vibe.  The more we experimented with darker flavors, the more we liked it, so we threw out a lot of original ideas until we felt like the song had grown into its true self.  We were at a point in our collaborative relationship where we felt it was important to let go of ideas we each clung on to in order to let the songs become something of their own.’

After we first got a listen, we added Taste to a few of our playlists and we’re sure it’ll be on yours, too. It’s a tune you can listen to on a night drive after you leave a date with the person that it’s so hard to say goodnight to, it’s a song you can dance to, get ready to, or even listen to for no reason other than it’s fantastic.

We can’t wait to hear more from Tux Bolo in the future, and if you love them as much as we do, make sure to subscribe to their Spotify and add their social media pages. Not only are they massively talented, they’re a great group of guys.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.