HomeTown – Where I Belong Signing and Review

New Irish boyband phenomenon HomeTown are causing quite a buzz with debut single Where I Belong – out now.

Louis Walsh’s latest boyband has proved more than a success – with over 350 fans turning up to their signing in HMV Belfast for the band’s debut single.

Josh, Brendan, Cian, Dayl, Dean and Ryan signed hundreds of CDs for their fans and managed to maintain their cheeky grins throughout – even though they almost drove off without Dayl!

The band already has a massive following on Twitter which is set to increase over the next few months without a doubt!

One fan at the signing says that she feels that the ‘single will make them go places and put them on the map.’

Ryan said that the band is delighted with the success of their first single and that they are all ‘majorly proud of it.’ He also said that they want to maintain this success.

Throughout the signing to the upbeat summer anthem, the boys messed about with the fans and there was even a sing along to ‘Uptown Funk.’ The atmosphere within the store was electric – fans started several chants and the boys took it all in their stride by joining in!

‘Where I Belong’ is now available to download on iTunes and can be streamed on Spotify.


Written by Rachel Dempster