DISCOVER: Brandon Stansell Touches Hearts With LGBTQ+ “Hometown” Music Video

We’ve taken our time to write up this article about Brandon Stansell’s incredible new music video because it has certainly hit home. Striking hearts around the world, the music video for “Hometown” is certainly touching. The single and music video follows the release of “For You” single and music video – which starred Eureka O’Hara.

Brandon Stansell is paving a name for himself as he continues to release incredible music, becoming a prominent gay country star. He dropped his Slow Down album last year, with the help of crowd-funding website Kickstarter, and his music video for “Spare Change” was named one of our top music videos of the year. His music video for previous release “For You” really touched our hearts and spreads the message of loving who you are; and, following that exact theme, Brandon Stansell continues to hit us where it hurts at the start of a visual before managing to show that we’re all capable of love and forgiveness in his “Hometown” music video.

The song itself was first found on his debut album Slow Down, and at the time of our track-by-track review, we named it as a “relatable gay anthem” and “a track that connects us all, one we all can understand” and so we are thankful, yet again, that it has been given a music video and a single release. It has been written by MYLEN and Brandon Stansell, whilst Erik Halbig acted as producer. As for the music video, it has been directed by Trent Atkinson, whilst Hanuman Brown-Eagle acted as Director of Photography. Not only that, but the funding for the music video came from Brandon Stansell’s Kickstarter backers and his Patrons from his Patreon account.

Watch Brandon Stansell’s Music Video To “Hometown” Here:

The story behind this visual comes from Brandon Stansell’s own story, which makes it even more touching, and we shouldn’t expect anything less since this song is close to his heart and so, of course, the music video would be too. Before the awesome track kicks in, we watch an opening scene where Brandon Stansell’s on-screen mother kicks him out of the house after he comes out as gay. He goes to live with a friend and we watch him choose his family and start to enjoy his life, although there are clearly times when he thinks back to his mother and how much he misses her. At the end of the visual, we watch him celebrate his birthday, and that’s the day his mother comes to see him and they rekindle their relationship.

We did say this was a heart-melting music video. Once again, Brandon Stansell has done it again and he is definitely proving he’s one to watch in both the country music genre and the LGBTQ+ community.

“Hometown” is available to download and stream right now. Both the original track and the acoustic track has been re-released as part of a single and a “commentary” has also been released with Brandon Stansell explaining the story behind the track.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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