iCarly Reunite for Freddie’s Wedding.

This weekend might have just woke you up to the fact that all the old stars from your favourite TV shows are grown up and you’re getting old. The actors’s you raced home after school to watch on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon are all getting married and having kids.

The actors from the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly,Jennette McCurrdy, Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor who played Sam,Carly and Carly’s older brother Spencer all rode in the car together to the wedding on Sunday.

@MirandaCosgrove: Heading to @NathanKress’s wedding! We got old

iCarly Reunite for Freddie's Wedding. 2

Nathan Kress is all grown up and now officially married to the beautiful London Elise Moore.

Sending a CelebMix Congratulations to  Nathan and his beautiful wife London Kress.We’re happy for you!

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