Ice Cube talks about the N.W.A film

Ice Cube’s first reaction when talking about the latest blockbuster is: ‘it’s a good film. It moved me and hopefully it will move the public.’ Ice Cube is particularly proud of the film as it not only documents his success but his son plays Ice Cube.

It was originally Ice Cube’s idea to make the movie about N.W.A and when Dr Dre was first told about the possibility he was against it as he thought there is only one way to get it right and a million ways to get it wrong. Most importantly Dre felt like it would mess with their legacy.

It was difficult to make the film but according to Ice Cube the hardest factor was not missing out any little details that had to be included. Ice Cube added: ‘In the end all our decisions turned out perfect.’

Ideally for Ice Cube the main message behind the film will be that people will watch it and think five friends can make it. There are always going to be people trying to hold you back as the F.B.I were originally trying to halt N.W.A from becoming famous.

In Ice Cube’s opinion there is still a lot of segregation in the modern day but N.W.A did a lot to start the change in our society.

Due to the Drake accusations made by Meek Mill, Ice Cube was asked about ghost writers and in his opinion you should just do everything in your power to make your music; good ghost-writer or not.

Ice Cube finished off by saying I don’t think there will be any more albums but a tour of N.W.A might happen in the future.



Written by CelebMix