Ice Cube talks Compton: “we can tolerate a few more NWA movies”

As the new N.W.A film does not include neither address Dr Dre’s aggressive attitude to certain women some critics believe another film should be made including all the facts. Ice Cube has agreed with this idea.

Dre did admit to these actions last month and has formally apologized to both his ex-fiancé Michel’le and journalist Dee Barns.  These two attacks are not in the film and movie critics as well as Ice Cube believe another film should be made, a more documentative piece showing all sides of the rap group.

Ice Cube told Australian channel SBS: ‘People are welcome to do their own version of the NWA story. There have been a thousand movies about Elvis, we can tolerate a few more NWA movies.’

Both Ice Cube and Dre were hands on producers of the film. Critics have said this perhaps explains why there are no actresses playing either Michel’le or Dee Barns. Mrs Barns explained that after speaking out against Dre she was ostracised by the Hip Hop community for telling the truth. The women in the film are said to be treated in a negative way and female viewers may find the film sexist as the upcoming rappers do not treat the fairer sex with respect.

On the Horizon apparently a movie is going to be made about Suge Knight and Dre’s controversial Death Row Records.

Written by CelebMix