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The Incredibles 2 Has an Incredible Weekend at the Box Office

Disney Pixar is back at it again smashing records like it’s nothing. The Incredibles 2 was released after a long 14 years and it is showing that fans have been excited since the first one because the Incredibles just had an incredible weekend at the box office. The movie racked in a whopping $180 million, beating Pixar films like Finding Dory that held the previous record with $135 million.

At this level, The Incredibles 2 is being compared to not only other animated films but also other superhero films, specifically Marvel Studio films, a Disney family. The only Marvel films with a bigger opening than The Incredibles 2 are Black Panther and three “Avengers” films. Incredibles 2 now join Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War as the third Disney film in 2018 to earn one of the top ten biggest domestic openings in box office history.

With the “Incredible” feat that the movie has achieved so far, there’s no doubt that it will smash even more records soon.

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Written by Will Heffernan