Ink Master: Week 4 Recap

If you’ve been watching this highly entertaining season of Ink Master so far, you’ll know that this season there are teams! Team Peck and Team Nunez. Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez are both judges on the typical seasons of Ink Master and are expert tattoo artists themselves.

The idea is that the two get to hand pick the artists for their teams. They will then mentor them in hopes that one of their own members will win the coveted title of Ink Master.

Leading into week 4, the artists left are:

Team Peck- Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Mike McAskill, Gian Karle Cruz, Gia Rose, Nate Beavers, Dave Robinowitz, Matt Murray, Anwon “Boneface” Johnson

Team Nunez- Eric Gonzalez, Nikki Simpson, Jason “Sketchy” Lawyer, Kelly Doty, Kevin La Roy, Tito “Tuff Tito” Velez, John Collins, Sirvone Smith

Episode 4 starts out with the artists discussing the elimination of Geary in the previous episode. The girls also were discussing wanting Dave to get eliminated as soon as possible.

Dave Navarro (the host) tells all the teams that no one is safe this week. Both teams will be competing and one artist from each team will be eliminated; leading into the first double eviction of the season. There was no flash challenge to determine skull picks and they went right into the first elimination.

“Shoulder Armor” was the challenge. They will be paired with someone from their team and will have to tattoo at the same time. Texture is the test for this challenge.

Team Peck is tattooing leather shoulder armor. Peck determined teams and matched up:
Gia and Gian, Mike and Ryan, Matt and Boneface, Nate and Dave.

Team Nunez is tattooing metal shoulder armor. Nunez determined teams and matched up:
Eric and Sketchy Lawyer, Kevin and Tuff Tito, Kelly and Nikki, John and Sirvone.

There is no jury of peers this week and all decisions went back to the judges.

The worst tattooers on Team Peck’s team were Nate and Dave.
They will go head to head in a tattoo battle. Team Nunez picked the style black and gray realism and a subject of animals to be tattooed.

The worst tattooers on Team Nunez’s team were John and Sirvone.
They will go head to head in a tattoo battle. Team Peck picked the style black and gray realism and a subject of animals to be tattooed.

The eliminated artists this week were: Dave from Team Peck and John from Team Nunez.

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Written by Mary Restifo

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