INNA Releases Teaser Of New Music Video “Iguana”, Three New Remixes For “RA” & “No Help”, And A Making Of Video Of “RA”

We have a brand new teaser from INNA and we are beyond excited. “Iguana” is set to be the second single to be released from her upcoming fifth studio album, titled “YO”, following previous single “RA“. The song and video are expected to drop on 30 November 2018. She also mentioned, previously, that every track on the album will have a music video – so expect more teasers.

These aren’t the only surprises INNA has been releasing recently, we also had three remixes dropped on YouTube, two for “RA” which can be found on her channel, and one for “No Help” which was dropped on Global Records’ channel. On top of that, she also dropped the “Making Of” video for “RA“, today.

For those of you who don’t know, INNA is a Romanian superstar, whose real name is Elena Apostoleanu. She had success throughout her career, starting off with the songs “Hot”, “Amazing”, and “Sun Is Up”. Later following that success with hit songs “More Than Friends”, which featured Daddy Yankee, “Cola Song”, which featured J Balvin, and “Good Time”, which featured Pitbull. Then came along “Diggy Down” featuring Marian Hill, “We Wanna” in collaboration with Alexandra Stan and featuring Daddy Yankee, “Bop Bop” featuring Eric Turner, and “Yalla” – which is her most viewed video on YouTube right now with over 300 million views. Over the last couple of years, she released “Heaven“, “Gimme Gimme“, and “Ruleta“, all of which have gained over 100 million YouTube views each, and she has teamed up with Sam Feldt on “Fade Away” and Dannic on “Stay“. She also charted well in Romania recently featuring on The Motans’ “Nota de Plata” and enlisting The Motans on her song “Pentru ca“. Her upcoming album, titled YO, is set to be her first full Spanish-language album, with “RA” being the debut single from that album and “Iguana” following as the second.

According to Un site de muzica, INNA’s brand new song has already charted in the Romanian Airplay Top 100, at 91, which is a strong start considering the song has not been released yet – only a few more days to go. The teaser that has been dropped was previously released on 14 November 2018 but was taken down shortly after and the release date of the song changed from 16 November 2018 to 30 November 2018.

The teaser really doesn’t tell us much. We see INNA wearing a reversible sequined jacket which says “Rest” on the back, as she stumbles through a street hazily, possibly from a night out. There are a few friends around her towards the end, one of whom straightens her jacket around her, then the beat kicks in for all of a second. Could this song be more of an up-tempo track that starts off as a ballad? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Watch INNA’s Music Video Teaser For “Iguana” Here:

Not only that, over the previous weeks we’ve had three brand new remixes released, however, they are only available on YouTube for most countries, although some countries, such as Romania, has the remixes available to download and stream – while the UK, and other countries, are still waiting on the “Nirvana” single and remixes, it’s been almost a year.

The new remixes have come from Hyenas and Q o d ë s for the latest single “RA“, and ARIAS for the previous non-album single “No Help“. The “Hyenas Remix” adds plenty more instruments into the mix adding a more Asian sound to it, giving a worldly flavour and an addicting rhythm. As for the “Q o d ë s Remix”, that has more of a trance sound to the backing track while INNA’s lyrics are highlighted brilliantly. This is the club version of the track we’ve been waiting for that would so light up dancefloors around the world. As for the “ARIAS Remix” of “No Help“, the whole remix brings some deep house to the track, keeping the beaty progression of the track whilst mixing in current waves of instruments and 90’s throwback rhythms – talk about an unforgettable remix.

Listen To All Three Of INNA’s Newly Released Remixes Here:

In addition to all this new content, today saw INNA release a Making Of video for her “RA” visual. It doesn’t reveal a whole lot, mainly because the music video itself doesn’t have a whole lot of content. This Making Of video shows us some behind-the-scenes clips of INNA and her models in make-up and getting ready for the video shoot.

Watch INNA’s Making Of Video For “RA” Here:

RA“, the first single from INNA’s upcoming fifth studio album is available to download and stream right now, via Global Records and Roc Nation. Her forthcoming second single, “Iguana”, is set to be released on 30 November 2018, just three days away. We expect more teasers, more music videos, and more singles soon as the anticipation for the YO album builds.

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