INNA Releases Surprise New Single & Music Video Titled “No Help” After Releasing Official INNA App

INNA has surprised all her Club Rocker fans the past two days; first she releases an app titled INNA for iOS and Google Play, she next tells her fans to tune in at a certain time for an announcement, and then a day later she drops her brand new single and music video “No Help”. The release follows-up previous single “Pentru ca” which features The Motans.

INNA, real name Elena Apostoleanu, hit it big with her debut single “Hot” back in 2008. Since then she has had worldwide success, managing to collaborate with the likes of Pitbull, J Balvin, Daddy Yankee, Juan Magan, Play & Win, and Flo Rida. She’s the biggest Romanian female artist in the world with over 2 billion YouTube views and counting. Recently she worked with big DJ names such as Sam Feldt X Lush & Simon and Dannic on the songs “Fade Away” and “Stay“, respectively; and she has been spotted in the studio with Sak Noel. She also released four tracks through a Coca-Cola campaign which can be exclusively heard by using Shazam on the promotional cans, which were released in Romania only. There is a new album on the way, according to her posts on her app, which will be titled “YO”, and it looks like “No Help” is set to be the second single from the said album, after “Me Gusta“, however since “Pentru ca” has done very well in her home country, this may serve as the third official single; we’ll have to wait and see.

This song is beyond catchy and has an air of her Nirvana album, sounding like a cross between “My Dreams” and “Lights” – did they miss this track from the album? Maybe this is a transgression single from the Nirvana album to her upcoming sixth studio album. The music video relates well to the song and was made by NGM Creative, with Bogdan Paun directing, and Alexandru Muresan acting as Director of Photography. The video production was handled by Loops Production.

Watch INNA’s Music Video To “No Help” Here:

Now, INNA went down the tropical dance route with her latest album, Nirvana, so it’s no surprise that “No Help” also has a tropical dance spin to it, with pop influences and her typical Eastern European house beats. The lyrics inspire confidence and independence, giving strength to her fans and exuding self-help.

The music video is set on desert sands with INNA wearing multiple fashion outfits with her hair in various styles. The white outfit is very risque which reminds us of her early years when she was very provocative with her promotion from single and album cover artwork to music videos such as “Amazing”, “10 Minutes”, “Sun Is Up”, “Club Rocker”, “Deja Vu”, and even “INNdiA”. If it helps this song become an international success, we’re fine with that; during this scene, her hair is puffed up giving us that old-school pin-up look from half a century ago or so. She also wears a desert-coloured outfit whilst wearing a pixie wig and some red and white cowboy boots, in the video, giving us a shocking new look, one we’ve never seen from her before; it gives us a whole new take on her as an artist, and gosh can she work short hair! Other iconic looks include a binbag-style trench coat with her usual long hair – she really does look good in anything – and a blue sequined jumper with sleeves that reach the ground and a shoulder-length bob which is her real hair length.

Accompanying INNA in the music video are some extras, who set a slight narrative into the visual, suggesting that they don’t quite have self-belief and they are searching for the help they need – one has some binoculars. By the end, they seemed to have gained confidence in themselves.

“No Help” will be available to stream and download very soon, Global Records tends to release music within hours or days of the music video release. She is set to go out on a US & Canada tour from the end of September to the start of October. She’ll be visiting nine different venues, so make sure you don’t miss her.

What Is INNA’s New APP?

As we mentioned, INNA has launched her own app on iOS and Google Play. She posts exclusive content to which you can like, comment, and share. It is similar to Instagram – which is INNA’s favourite social network, and the only one she replies to fans on (she used to reply on Twitter) – and allows her fans to converse and follow each other. What more could you want?

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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