INNA Teases New Album “YO” By Dropping A Video Where She Talks About The LP

We have a brand new album on its way from INNA, and after much speculation, she has revealed that it will be titled “YO” and it’s expected to be released very, very soon. To confirm the album, she dropped a promotional video on her YouTube Channel.

Not long after the video was released, INNA exclusively talked to lifestyle journalist Cristina Stanciulescu for People Person. The combination of the two has certainly excited us for the new album, and we cannot wait to see what she has in store for us.

According to the description of the video, the first song will be released on 2 November; which, therefore, begs the question what will happen with her previously released songs? The singles “Me Gusta“, “No Help“, and “Pentru Ca“, are not set to be on the album, as far as we’re aware of, and therefore making all three non-album singles. Rumours also suggest that “Ra” will be the first single to be released since it has been leaked.

In the promotional video, INNA explains her love for music and her love for making people happy. She speaks completely in Spanish as her album, “YO”, is completely written in Spanish, however, there are English subtitles. Her love of the Spanish vibe came from performing in Latin America.

Watch INNA’s Promotional Video For Her Album “YO” Here:

In the video clip, INNA says:

“Hello, my name is INNA and my biggest passion is making people happy! Even if there are many ways to do it, I choose music! In fact, music chose me. To tell you the truth, I don’t remember thinking of what I would like to express through my music. But everything felt it was already there, in my mind. From another life. From another world.

“I know each character of my stories. Each sound reminds me of a moment. My voice… speaks to me about hidden emotions. In front of the microphone, I discovered that when a feeling is so strong inside, it speaks for itself. Well, right now, I’m ready to reveal my secret, one moment away from fulfilling my dream.

“‘YO’ is my next step in this journey. A moment so important and special to me. I’m so happy and excited to share it with you!”

There isn’t a whole host of details about this album that can be lifted from the video. It’s clear that “YO” – which means “I” in English – means a lot to INNA and that isn’t a surprise when she had creative control over the album, having written the songs herself.

INNA’s Interview With Cristina Stanciulescu

In this specific interview, INNA reveals more details about “YO”. We now know that a music video was filmed for each of the tracks on the album, displaying a different character and telling their stories – this totally excites us as we have been wanting a narrative music video from INNA for some time now.

From the interview, we also know that she worked with David Ciente on the album and that she has worked with various people in the past who have all inspired her when it came to this album but this time around she was guided by herself, this was her project, her ideas.

We’re excited for new music from INNA, so 2 November really can’t come soon enough.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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