INNA Releases New Single And Music Video “Me Gusta”

We’ve been waiting for this song to drop for months and months, mainly when we first saw her sing the song for Radio ZU back in April. What a long wait, but it was beyond worth it! INNA dropped “Me Gusta” single and music video on 14 February 2018 on Valentine’s Day.

“Me Gusta” marks INNA’s first completely Spanish song; in English, the title means “I Like”. It’s the perfect release for INNA this week as love certainly fills the air, all around the world. We’re not sure what this means for her recently released album “Nirvana” since this song is not included in that 12-track collection; we are hoping it means a deluxe version will be released, with the inclusion of “Heaven” too – we can only hope. Or, can we hope for something even better, like a brand new album for 2018?

The song was written by Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu (INNA) and David Ciente. The music video was filmed in Bucharest and Barcelona; directed by Barna Nemethi. The song was first heard, in full, on Radio ZU where she performed the song, leading many fans to believe it would be released in summer 2017, instead INNA surprised everyone by dropping “Ruleta” featuring Erik.

Watch The Music Video To INNA’s “Me Gusta” Here:

This may be INNA’s first full Spanish song, but gosh has she slammed it right out of her mouth. These lyrics are chant-worthy from start to finish and it makes every single listener wish they could sing this song at the top of their lungs – we know we will be as soon as we learn the lyrics, not that we know Spanish.

Our rough translation of the lyrics suggests that INNA likes this guy when he’s dancing, and she hasn’t felt this way about him for some time, and that his dancing always cheers her up. Considering the content of the lyrics, we could have only hoped for a full-on choreography dance music video, instead we got INNA’s typical sultry and sexy visual where she lets loose and has some fun in front of the camera.

Stylish throughout, with her much-loved pride coloured platform shoes, INNA struts her stuff in many different costumes, bringing fashion to the forefront, as per usual. The contrast of the studio visuals and the sunny location of Barcelona does mess with the viewers during their first watch as they are strikingly different; however, it’s something you get used to by the second watch.

We totally feel that she has muted all the body shamers who weren’t impressed by her “Nirvana” music video since she looks hot, sexy, and totally on-point from start to finish. We have never seen her look this good and this care-free. The video has gained two million views in just four days, and we expect it’ll hit the 100 million mark in months to come after “Nirvana” hits it first.

She recently took part in a Coca-Cola Zero Zahar Romanian television commercial, and her song “Heaven” also hit 100 million YouTube views. She continues to make incredible waves in the music industry, and we cannot wait to see what 2018 brings to this awesome female Romanian artist.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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