Introducing Code Ninety

Code Ninety is a Hip-Hop / R&B collective made up of Nico Rooney, JadataMusic and NA$E. The name stands for Chasing Our Dreams Endlessly, born and influenced by the Nineties.

We caught up with them ahead of their launch party for their new mixtape…

Can you tell us more about your music and who inspires you?

Our music is a fuse between old and new school R&B / Hip-Hop. We are all inspired by from our surroundings, the nineties and we take inspirations from each other and the music we are inspired from individually.

What is ‘Parties N Heartbreaks’ about?

Parties N Heartbreaks is our debut mixtape coming out on May 6th. The names is an implied oxymoron detailing how a relationship can be, sometimes love can feel like a party and sometimes it can feel like a heartbreak. The title also represents the sound of our release, we have parties songs and love songs.

What makes you different to other R’n’B artists out there?

We are unique because, one we all have different types of voices which blend together to make a new sound. Two we all rap and sing, so in one song you may hear one of us rapping then in another you may hear us singing. Three we are diverse, because we all come from different backgrounds and origins.

If you could tour with anyone in the world who would it be and why?

If we are talking about anyone, We would love to perform with Michael Jackson (R.I.P), he’s a legend and he gives energy in his performances, It would be great to share a stage with someone as great as him.

If you could play in any venue, where would it be and why? It could be in any country…

We would love to play at madison square gardens, we believe it is just a great venue which many of the greats have played. It would be crazy for us to do a show there one day.

What’s next in the pipeline for you guys?

We have a launch party on May 5th at Nambucca in London for our debut release “Parties N Heartbreaks” which will be available to download from May 6th. We also have loads of new music videos, performances and singles coming out this year. Follow us on our social networks to keep updated with everything that is happening.

You can follow the boys on Twitter @CodeNinetyMusic @NicoRooney @JadataMusic and @1NASEtion

Written by CelebMix