Introducing: Jacob Whitesides

Jacob Whitesides is a 17 year old singer and songwriter from Knoxville, Tennessee. Before finding fame; he won Knoxville, Tennessee’s Best Young Voice in the Junior Voice Competition when he sang his original song ‘I Love You’ and ‘Grenade’ by Bruno Mars. He first gained fame when he posted videos of himself signging covers of songs on YouTube.

Jacob auditioned for America’s Got Talent in 2011 and X Factor USA in 2012. Since then Jacob has toured with Fifth Harmony and has reached the top of the charts in eight different countries. In addition to going on tour with Fifth Harmony, Jacob also headlined multiple US and European sold out tours. Radio Disney also recently named him ‘The Next Big Thing’ which is is a huge accomplishment. He is also dating singer Bea Miller who he met while he was on The X Factor. Bea and Jacob love to spend time together and always let their fans know what they are up to through Snapchat, Twitter and Instagtam.

Introducing: Jacob Whitesides 3

When he was offered the chance to be signed by a major record label he declined and chose to become the CEO of his own touring, merchandising and record label Double U Records. He recently partned with BMG to release his newest EP ‘Faces on Film’ which is now his second #1 album. Faces on Film includes 7 of Jacob’s songs and features Secrets which is his most recent single. He also recently released a music video for Ohio which is from his ‘A Piece of Me’ EP.

Despite the fact that he has a very busy schedule, he still manages to make time for his fans who are known as Whitesiders and is super kind and caring towards them. While he was on tour he gave fans an opportunity to win a free Meet and Greet. In order to win you had to sell the most tickets and there would be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner. My friends and I were very lucky and managed to win 1st place which was the Meet and Greet after party for Glasgow. We were very thrilled about it! When we went to meet Jacob he was very kind and patient with us. He spoke to us, took pictures with us, hugged us, laughed with us and sang lots of songs too. He was a very down to earth person and it was a pleasure to be given a chance to meet such an amazing and kind person.

Introducing: Jacob Whitesides 2

Written by CelebMix