Is David Beckham the new Bond?

Can it really be true – is David Beckham seriously considering a move to be the next James Bond? Well the super-sleuths at a few media outlets tend to suggest that’s what may happen – and his legions of followers would, reportedly, be right behind such a move.

Of course, we don’t know what his legions of football followers from LA Galaxy, Real Madrid, Manchester United and, yes, Preston North End would think about this – but it may cause a few ribald comments on the terraces.

But this is nothing new to the former soccer star who has been firmly in the limelight since bursting onto the scene for Manchester United back in the early 90s with his bleached blond good looks and open style of play.

Becks is truly missed at his former clubs, including Preston North End where he plied his trade on loan for a portion of the 1994–95 league season. Becks netted twice goals in five games for PNE including one goal scored direct from a corner kick. His former club are currently languishing in 17th in the English Championship and are one of the favourites for the drop in the Championship betting. His other clubs, including Man United, where Beckham scored a wonder goal from his own half and the might Real Madrid are both doing rather better!

And wherever he goes, David Beckham is big business – hence the intense interest in his potential acting career. To illustrate the point; A month after the conclusion of Beckham’s Real career, Forbes reckoned Beckham was mainly responsible for Real Madrid’s enormous upsurge in merchandising sales during his four-year tenure at the Spanish giants.

So what’s all this got to do with James Bond? Well not a great deal, other than the fact that even James Bond may be hard-pressed to turn things round at PNE!

PNE home ground – you couldn’t be further from Hollywood

Otherwise, Becks has the looks and the charisma for a new-look tattooed 007, but does he have the acting ability? To be honest, that would seem a little doubtful, but the boy Becksy has pulled off the impossible before – as all England fans who remember his last minute free-kick at home to Greece to qualify for the 2002 World Cup will readily testify. So perhaps he can pull another unlikely rabbit from the Beckham hat?

But whilst the role of James Bond maybe an unlikely possibility in reality, the 40 year-old former soccer superstar has already made his first foray into the world of thespianism by Guy Ritchie called “Knight of the Roundtable” which is due to be released next summer. According to various media reports, Mr Beckham is quite ready for any criticism that will be levelled at him for his acting debut in the movie.

One thing’s for sure, it will come under a lot of scrutiny under the media spotlight – as does everything else he, his wife Victoria and their children do.

Written by CelebMix