IU releases the music video for “Palette”

On 21st April, IU dropped the music video for her new single Palette. The song is one of the tracks from the singer’s fourth album with the same name. A few days ago, she revealed the cover art for her album on Instagram.

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Palette can be seen as a sequel to IU’s 2015 single “Twenty Three”. Contemplating herself and her life as a singer, IU talks about how she likes it that she is now “twenty five”. In the song, she mentions how, over a period of time, she has learned a bit more about herself.  There are things that she now prefers over others. She says,

Rather than long hair
I like a clean cut bob
But still
It was pretty when you called me on a nice day
Oh why is that
I like things that are a little tacky
Rather than pictures, I like full pages of
Palettes, diaries, and the times I was asleep

I like it. I’m twenty five

In other words, Palette is a coming of age song that is relatable to any individual growing up. It talks about the change a person encounters in her/his personality as they enter a new phase of life.

For this single, IU collaborated with BIGBANG’s rapper G-Dragon. To her, someone who portrays a confused and curious person growing up into adulthood, G-Dragon offers some wise advice,

When you’re neither a child nor an adult
When you’re just ‘you’
That’s when you shine the most
Don’t be afraid when darkness casts a shadow
You’re so beautiful your petals will in full bloom
You’re a kid who’s always loved. YOU

The song has a lively tone. If you want to explore some good music, this song should definitely be on your list.

Check out the video below:

Along with the song, the singer has also released the album “Palette”, which is out now. The reaction of fans though is yet to be seen.

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