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20 K-Pop Songs and Music Videos That Were Released This Summer

August is here and with it the end of summer. This summer offered us some very catchy and enjoyable songs that helped us make some unforgettable memories. No matter if you listened to them while you were on vacation, while travelling, or alone in your room, here are 20 K-pop songs that made you dance the night away.

Twice – Dance the Night Away

TWICE‘s “Dance The Night Away” is the first song that comes to mind when you think of summer 2018. The music video takes place on a deserted island and follows the members’ adventures on it. With catchy dance moves and easy-to-sing lyrics, this song is a must-have on any summer playlist.

MAMAMOO – Egotistic

MAMAMOO’s single, “Egotistic,” had us admiring both the stunning visuals of the members and the song’s choreography. The lighting gives us the impression that all is taking place while the sun is setting and the Latin tones make the song summer-friendly.

K.A.R.D – Ride on the Wind

Talking about summer-themed songs, let’s not forget the whole album by K.A.R.D, “Ride on the Wind.” The entire concept of K.A.R.D.’s third mini album, from the teaser photos to the music video, is based on the sea.

GFriend – Windy Windy & Sunny Summer

GFriend’s “Windy Windy” expresses one’s desire of going somewhere far away, while “Sunny Summer” is about those who would rather spend their summer at home.

Seungri – 1, 2, 3!

Seungri’s “1, 2, 3!” is filled with spectacular imaginary, clever camera work and a face that draws all the attention, belonging to the maknae of BIG BANG.

Holland – I’m Not Afraid & I’m So Afraid

It would be unfair to miss the two singles of the first openly gay K-pop idol, Holland, as his music has been one of the most-talked about this summer. Holland’s “I’m Not Afraid” focuses on the love of two males and how society sees them, while “I’m So Afraid” follows a young dancer on the streets.

Gyeong Ree – Blue Moon

With a catchy melody, “Blue Moon,” the new single by Gyeong Ree from 9MUSES, is simple yet enjoyable.

APINK – I’m so sick

APINK’s “I’m so sick” was released at the beginning of July and it was a very nice way to start the new month.

Chung Ha – Love U

Speaking of summer, nothing reminds us more of the season than bikinis and pools, which are at the center of Chung Ha’s “Love U.”

Zico and IU – Soulmate

A music video with retro vibes is Zico and IU’s “Soulmate.” Its melody takes us back at least two decades and is also a perfect example of harmonic vocals.

Triple H – Retro Future

A music video with another retro theme is Triple H’s “Retro Future.” The music video can be confusing at times, but one thing that’s certain is that the two male voices do not overshadow the female’s.

Jessi – Down

Jessi’s “Down” showcases her beautiful voice and its music video features close-ups of the sea, perfect for the summer.

Astro – Always You

Astro’s “Always You” is a song that will make you fall in love with the group. Maybe it’s the rhythm of the music or maybe it’s the stunning visuals, but one thing is for certain, this music video is worth seeing.

Seventeen – Oh My!

Another must-watch is the “Oh My!” music video by Seventeen, which has a cute concept featuring the boys under blankets, pastel colors in the background and as to be expected, amazing choreography.

iKon – Killing Me

We can’t forget “Killing Me” by iKon, which was probably one of the most anticipated songs of the summer. The song can be a continuation of the group’s hit, “Love scenario,” but this time, the boys seem to be sad about the break-up and not so hopeful as they were before.

D-Crunch – Palace

D-Crunch debuted with their song “Palace,” which may be the song that will make them take off. It would be a shame not to check them out.

Stray Kids – My Pace

My Pace” by Stray Kids is a song with meaning. The focus of this song is about not comparing yourself with others and learning to accept yourself as you are. The message can be found in lyrics such as “If I was even half of him I’d be happy,” and also “such comparison is meaningless, don’t do that, stop it now.”

BTS – Epiphany

Lastly, a much-awaited Jintro has finally been published. BTS’ “Epiphany” is here and Jin is melting our hearts. This song is the end of a long journey of learning how to accept and love yourself. The message can be found in the lyrics, “I’m the one I should love in this world” and “I finally realized it so I love me, who is not so perfect but so beautiful.”

We’re sure that many more K-pop songs escaped our notice, so feel free to tell us your favorite summer K-pop songs by tweeting us at @CelebMix.

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