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Jake Miller Releases Bittersweet Post-Break-Up-Bop “Nikes”

American singer-songwriter Jake Miller apparently does have some tears left to cry, even though he promised that he would wait for us.

After dropping his highly successful electro-pop banger “WAIT FOR YOU” as well as an accompanying aesthetic video, one of our favorite sweethearts is now back with a brand new track.

The fresh release sees Jake Miller getting a bit melancholic as he finds a pair of shoes of his former lover laying around at his home. “I still got your Nikes, laying in my closet, right there in the corner, teasing me”, the song begins, almost a capella. “I still got your Nikes, laying in my closet, all they do is bring back memories“. It tells the haunting story of a man looking for a way to turn back time and restore things the way they used to be.

“NIKES” showcases a more stripped-down production than its predecessor that only truly starts to erupt once it hits the third chorus. Featuring guitars, drums and a spare amount of electronic elements, is a pop-rock tune that makes us wonder whether we should cry out loud with the singer or dance to it.

No matter what, “NIKES” is the song that once and for all cements Jake’s status as a mastermind in creating great pop songs.

According to a tweet by Jake Miller today, we are also getting four more new songs in two weeks. Obviously, we are more than just excited to hear them. But for now, we’ll just hit the replay button on “NIKES” for a couple of times (and then some more).

Listen to the track down below:

Also be sure to read our interview with Jake right here, in case you have not done so yet:

“NIKES” was written by Jake Miller and produced by long-time collaborator Ryan Ogren. It was released today via Jake Miller Music Inc.

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