Jason Derulo angers South Africa by asking the audience: ‘Y’all speak English right?’

Jason Derulo is now far from popular in South Africa. Whilst the singer was preforming at the South African of the year awards he asked the audience: ‘Y’all speak English right?’ After making this comment people took to twitter in swarms to vent their anger at Derulo.

A lot of the twitter remarks asked for Derulo to make a swift exit from the country. Lotus Mbali Bomb on twitter said: ‘Jason Derulo needs to leave our country right now. How dare he?’

After Derulo realized that South African citizens were far from impressed with his comment he replied himself on twitter by stating: ‘Speaking English’ remark I made, was directed to a specific table. It wasn’t literal just a figure of speech when someone isn’t responding.’

However, this did not seem to appease anyone and still most people are angry at the singer. A large majority of twitter uses commented that they wanted Chris Brown to preform anyway slandering both Derulo himself and his music.

Written by CelebMix