Jason Derulo could face jail time after pool party was stormed by 50 police officers

The police officers were following a noise complaint and decided to storm the pool party in order to stop it.

Derulo who was celebrating his birthday last month at his $2 million mansion responded to the police’s arrival by turning down the music and chucking out 6 male guests leaving him with most of the female party goers.

He told The Sun: ‘It was pretty fly, we were having a lot of fun. Then all of a sudden a helicopter starts circling my house. I’m like, ‘What the f***?’

‘An hour later 50 police officers come barging in. Because of noise complaints. But I don’t really have any neighbors close by. I was like, ‘Is this really necessary? This is embarrassing.’

The Game also attended and helped Derulo chuck out most of the male visitors.

Derulo told us what may happen next: ‘I gotta go to court. I might be in jail for eight years. They” go, ‘What you in for?’ ‘Erm, noise complaints. But if y’all wanna throw a party, holler me!’


Written by CelebMix