Jay Furr

Jay Furr Releases Potent 12-Track Mixtape – ‘King Furr’

San Bernardino, California-based rapper Jay Furr released his brand-new mixtape, King Furr, just a few days ago.

Talking about the mixtape, Jay shares, “I know that my supporters have been wanting a new project, so ‘King Furr’ is going to bring that to them with a ton of new tracks. I’m also touching on new topics that people can relate to and share new stories that I’ve never told.”

A native of San Bernardino, Jay Furr grew up immersed in music. Later, he began taking music seriously, followed by releasing Furr Season 1, which put him on the map with his cool, Southern trap style.

Since then, he’s collaborated with Famous Dex, Splurge, and Fenix Flexin. After releasing two hit tracks last year – “V Lone” and “Cashing,” featuring Splurge, his sound gathered massive momentum, including success on TikTok and WorldStarHipHop.

On King Furr, Jay’s distinctive flair comes through on dope new tracks brimming with melodic beats, as well as a more polished sound as Jay uses his matchless flow to delve into his life, both past and present, encouraging listeners to chase their dreams with all their energy.

King Furr begins with “YRN,” riding a deep, throbbing trap rhythm topped by Jay’s inimitable delivery.

Entry points include “MVP,” rolling out on a slow, low, and banging beat accompanied by an exotic sparkling piano. Rasping and potent, Jay’s rhymes display his excellent authority over words.

“Bank Close” rumbles on a cavernous bassline accented by dark, ominous layers of sonic color. Echoing voices infuse the tune with tight flavors, while Jay’s flow travels on body-hugging surfaces, rapid-fire and contagious.

“Slow Dance” blends delicate almost folk colors with Jay’s chant-like flow, giving the rhymes tasty reflective suffusions. Whereas “Swerve,” featuring Splurge, features a drawn-out beat highlighted by snapping percussion and the swanky flows of Jay and Splurge.

“Demar Derozen” starts off on strident, sleazy synths evolving into a thumping, vibrating bass-filled melody. “Never Gassed” rides a fat West Coast beat as a sporadic piano emanates dangerous hues.

The last track, “Never Been A Has Been,” pops on a subterranean bassline emphasized by a luminous tinkling piano, injecting the harmonics with dual layers of oomph. One thick and reverberating, the other gleaming and percolating. Jay struts his adroit flow on this track, spinning out snug rhymes.

Jay Furr has it going on! King Furr is superb because Jay talks about what he thinks about, sans any pretentiousness.

Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.