Jay Kayze

Jay Kayze Drops Dope “Dollar N a Dream”

Bay Area hip-hop artist Jay Kayze releases his brand-new single/music video “Dollar N a Dream,” an appetizer for his forthcoming mixtape, Freestyles N Phantoms.

Inspired by his bandmate Kosta’s fresh beat, Kayze wrote “Dollar N a Dream” in the early morning hours. Recorded in a single take, the song reflects Kayze’s determination to keep his music as raw as possible. The decision to do so emulates one of his major idols, Jay Z, aka “First Take Jay.”

The first verse of “Dollar N a Dream” was prewritten, but the second verse demonstrates Kayze’s gift for freestyling, which mirrors the essence of his upcoming mixtape, Freestyles N Phantoms.

“Dollar N a Dream” echoes the difficulty of the artist’s life, revealing the pervasive doubts of family, friends, and fellow artists. Yet on his part, Kayze knows what he’s capable of, and pursues his dream with resolve. Despite any and all obstacles, he’s committed to his music.

Kayze has shared the stage with Nas, Rakim, and Too Short, along with collecting praise from The Game and DC Young Fly, as well as 4,000,000 streams across platforms.

Visceral and honest, ‘Dollar N a Dream” tackles the tribulations of the modern world, declaring that love is the answer to alleviating the world’s problems.

“I’m tryna make y’all see, all it takes is love / A dollar, dreams, n a team, to lift you up.”

“Dollar N a Dream” opens on a thumping hip-hop beat as swirling synths deliver shimmering hues, adding to the infectious textures. Kayze’s flow is finessed and rife with passion, infusing the lyrics with alluring inflections.

When Kayze goes into the second verse, his talent for freestyling shines like a bright light through the darkness, producing delicious rhymes and dazzling flow.

The video, shot in both grainy and crystalline visuals, depicts Kayze rapping out his rhymes in the dark of night, on a street corner and a building. He definitely has presence, rapping with urgency and ardor.

Jay Kayze has it going on! “Dollar N a Dream” not only parades his skillful rapping, but also hits with beaucoup energy.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.