JayQ The Legend wearing a snow-white cap with the title of the song emblazoned on the front. He's also wearing a dark grey and orange striped t-shirt and there's a field of dandelions behind him.

JayQ The Legend Drops New Single & Lyric Video “Amazing Girl” Dedicated To The Amazing And Inspiring Women Of The World

We all need something inspiring and uplifting, someone who believes in us, and JayQ The Legend is here to do just that for all the amazing women of the world, with his brand new single and lyric video, titled “Amazing Girl”. This song follows up his single “So Bad”.

JayQ The Legend is a former US Marine from New Orleans. He started singing from an early age by performing in his church choir and has developed his stage presence over the years by performing in various places. He has a multitude of talent, taking aspects of different genres and combining them to create awesome music, as evident in his debut track “Body Talk”. The Latin mix of the track, titled “Body Talk so Loco” has gained over 1 million Spotify streams and the track itself even managed to reach number one on the Billboard Reggae Digital Songs chart. He is certainly an artist we all need to watch in the coming years.

The song has been written by JayQ The Legend and been produced by 1500 or Nothin’. It’s an addicting and self-gratifying track that is perfect for inspiring women who will listen to this song.

Watch The Lyric Video To “Amazing Girl” By JayQ The Legend Here:

It is more important than ever for us all to start believing in ourselves, especially with how the pandemic has affected us all mentally over the past few months, and JayQ The Legend is here to encourage women to believe in themselves more and to remember that they are amazing. It’s definitely an inspiring song, which sees JayQ The Legend follow a more dancehall vibe in contrast to his previous singles that have touched on a more hip-hop sound. This is certainly one of those songs that will get stuck in your head, which is even more perfect to lift up the listeners of this song.

The single has been released on BreakOut Music and the CEO, Miriam Bavly, a Harvard graduate, screenwriter and producer said of the song: “Amazing women come in all colors and creeds. We need to recognize that every girl is an amazing woman about to blossom: Cathy Hughes, whom I met and admire, built Radio One from the ground up, with the cards stacked against her. It is mind-boggling what she achieved. Look around her organization, she walks the walk, clearly dedicated to empowering other women.”

JayQ The Legend went on to say: “It is time to highlight women and their daily contributions to humanity, this is what my song is about, to express how amazing women truly are. In my personal life, my incredible mother overcame abuse, and made incredible sacrifices, to give her children better lives. Mothers around the world are heroines every day, loving, nurturing, and fiercely protecting their children. So many women do so many amazing things every day. Women must be at every level of control, power, and politics that affect our society and planet. They must be increasingly involved in politics and business at the executive level, wherever and whenever crucial decisions are made.”

“Amazing Girl” is available to download and stream right now, via BreakOut Music.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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