Jenny Teator Releases Music Video for "Surrender"

Jenny Teator Releases Music Video for “Surrender”

Jenny Teator is a soulful blues/rock/pop singer and songwriter from St. Louis, Missouri who is currently residing in Nashville. After performing for over a decade, this woman knows what she’s doing. No matter where she is, she shows the world her strength and confidence through her performances. Even when she isn’t on a stage, she’s still surrounded by music as she watches others perform at local venues with a beer in her hand.

Listening to Jenny’s latest single, “Surrender,” she brings light to lust and curiosity. “”Surrender” talks about the primal want you get when someone comes into your life and they leave you wanting MORE,” Jenny told CelebMix.

“It’s more than just, “I’m attracted to you.” It was this powerful gut feeling that took over my body, creating thoughts of what it could be like with this person. I think we are quick to disregard those moments and immediately feel “dirty” or “wrong” for thinking those thoughts,” she explained.

Jenny notices how women especially feel “dirty” when it comes to those thoughts. “This internal thought process I think more comes from how most females are raised, to be a lady, have manners, submit… etc,” she says.

Listening to “Surrender,” she even included a lyric that says, “My momma taught me always be a sweet pea,” showing that she was raised that way too.

But in this stereotypical society where women aren’t meant to be the dominant one, Jenny surely doesn’t mind making the first move. She wants women to be able to embrace who they are and to go chase after what they want. And that’s exactly what she shows women as you watch the music video for “Surrender.” You see a bad*ss woman who knows what she wants.

So THANK YOU Jenny, for speaking your mind through music and using it for good.

If you’re in Nashville, be sure to stop by the True Music Room on February 26th! You can RSVP a spot to watch Jenny Teator perform there by clicking HERE.

Check out her music video for “Surrender” below:

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