Jimmy Fallon – King of Late Night or King of Injuries?

“Welcome to the Tonight Show, I’m your host Trippy Fallon.”

That is how Jimmy Fallon began his monologue last night, October 26th. Fallon seems to be not only the Emperor of Comedy and King of Late Night, but also the King of Injuries.

In July, Fallon suffered from a ring avulsion (don’t Google it) which caused him to be in the ICU for 10 days. His hand is still healing from that incident. He then chipped his tooth while trying to treat said injured finger. In a nutshell, Fallon is a hot mess.

On Saturday, Fallon was crowned the Emperor of Comedy by Harvard Lampoon. After this ceremony, he was planning on giving a bottle of Jägermeister to the Harvard Band… and then he tripped over a girl who was going to give him a flower, causing him to drop the bottle of Jägermeister onto the ground where it shattered. Fallon then landed on the broken glass, cutting his fingers.

He was advised to go to the hospital after he finished taking more photos and meeting more people, to which he said “I’m so used to going to hospitals now, it is kind of fun”.

Next thing we know, he is going to be rolling into the studio in a wheelchair. God bless you, Jimmy. God bless you.

Written by CelebMix