Press photo for Joey Suarez who is lying on a bed wearing some black shorts and an open leather jacket.

Joey Suarez Releases Brand New Dance Single Titled “Easy”

This week saw Joey Suarez release an awesome dance-infused single, “Easy”. It was originally titled “E-Z” and is mainly about dating during quarantine – something a lot of us can relate to and have had to get used to during this time. The release of this single follows up his awesome TikTok inspired EP THE SHUFFLEZ: VOLUME 1, which was a collaboration with Jaki Nelson.

Joey Suarez is an American singer-songwriter and model. He has been focusing on both his modelling career and his music career lately, gaining popularity through Instagram and TikTok. He also has an awesome merch site,, where we just want to buy everything, and sees him selling promotional merch for the music he releases. He is certainly a rising star, and we’re excited for his upcoming music as well as the merch he will release in the future.

According to Spotify, the song has been written by John O’Brien and Luke Forester, whilst the two songwriters produced the track with the help of Jon Clifton. Joey Suarez made the single available to pre-order on his website, trendybyjoey, on valentine’s day, and it even came with a free VIP face mask that has the E-Z design on it, which pairs brilliantly with his other E-Z merch which includes tank tops, hoodies, sneakers, snapback caps, and more. The song is still available to order from his store, with the free face mask.

Stream Joey Suarez’s New Single “Easy” Here:

Vocals on point all the way through this incredible new song, Joey Suarez continues to impress in everything he does. “Easy” has an engaging dance hook that captures you within the first few seconds while Joey Suarez kicks off the first verse with his awesome vocals and the emotional connection he’s clearly had with the song – which we can feel from the moment he starts singing. As soon as the chorus hits, it’s clear that this song deserves some epic dance remixes as the beat explodes with an infectious rave-like rhythm that will guarantee to get you dancing.

The lyrics touch on how different it is dating during quarantine/lockdown, what used to be a drink at a bar or club, a coffee at a café, or even a romantic meal at a restaurant, has turned into endless chats of getting to know each other over messaging apps, with the hope of meeting one day, when it’s safe to do so, making it much more difficult to navigate; yet, Joey Suarez sings about enjoying the chats and being open and honest, whilst wishing that they could keep it easy, between him and his love interest.

“Easy” is available to download and stream right now, via Highpass Records. We’ve had the song on repeat all week, and we truly believe this song would be perfect for a music video.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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